Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Year Old People

I never tire of these cute little people that Babycakes draws!
I'm not sure why their legs are always connected at the bottom, but they are so darned cute!


  1. Save every single one of those drawings. So sweet.

    My youngest put belly buttons on his people and it makes them look naked!

    Looks like you guys are busy having fun together!

  2. I so luv where they choose to put the details and how they talk the whole time. She is precious!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog...it is wonderful! You have a beautiful family.

  4. We call them "head people" in my house. Every one of our 7 children has drawn them. One of my kids always drew one eye outside the face circle! He's still a little strange....jk

  5. you should skip the laundry and embroider some of those jaimie, to "memorialize" them forever...they are so cute.


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