Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something No One Ever Talks About

Losing hair after baby.
It happens.
Every time.
When pregnant, I remember the day my hair stops falling out. That happens too. Everyone loses hair. When you have long, dark, curly hair, though, you can't hide it. It's on the floor, in the shower, on the bathroom counter, on my clothes....hopefully not in my food!
SO, while pregnant, somewhere in the middle, when my hair stops falling out, it is SO nice. It's just one of those little things no one talks about. No more taking the hair out of the shower, or the tub, or off the bathroom floor.
I also remember the day I start losing hair again.
It started last week, I noticed a couple hairs on me in the shower. (that had fallen off my head)
Now, today, I had a LOT more. My grace period has ended. Bye bye thick hair...back to my fine, thinner hair, back to picking up chunks out of the shower, out of the tub, off the floor, off the comb after washing my hair!
It kind of makes you realize all the changes and hormones that are going crazy in your body after having a baby and while nursing.
Makes me so very thankful for the gift of these changes and God's magnificent plan for each of us, as He knows every hair that falls from every head.
SO, maybe my grace period is actually beginning. Believe me I need grace.
I need lots of it.


  1. I use to work at a gym...long long time ago...cleaning everything. You would not believe the hair on the bathroom floor. I was a little grossed out by it!!

    But you have a great excuse...a baby!

    I wish I had your hair. Way way thicker then mine and curly!!!

  2. My hair loss just started up again. I find it wound around the baby's fingers as well as in my food at times.

    Thankfully, I started my journey into motherhood with thick hair or I might be practically bald by now.

  3. Yes, I lose lots of hair. My youngest is eight years old and I am still losing hair! Eek! My mom was nearly bald by the time she was 70 and I'm afraid I have her genes.

  4. I guess it never ends. I remember losing my hair after each baby and then it stopped. Now as I'm getting older, my hair is definitely thinning out. Just so I don't go bald! LOL
    P.S> That sweetie pie is adorable.

  5. I know what you're talking about! After 5 babies, mine had gotten darker as well as overall a little thinner. I too enjoy that time of no hair loss, and Curt gets grossed out over the time when it starts coming out a LOT after baby is born. Helps a TON now that I cut it short and baby is a year old!
    Love and prayers,


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