Monday, January 25, 2010

5 Months! (Already)

Sweetie pie, 5 months old and full of slobber!
I could not have showed you better than this! She accidentally showed me her teeth!
(and I got a picture!)
5 months and going bald(er)! She has kind of this mohawk thing going right now, it's quite funny! Any closer a shot though, you can see all her new hair coming in, cute, soft, fuzz!
Why does baby time go so fast? I can't believe she's already 5 months old!
This was her first day in the walker and she loved it!
(so did the other kiddos, not sure what Jedi is doing there?)


  1. Your baby girl is so sweet!

    And those winter crafts are pretty sweet, too ... We made a snowman 2 weeks ago, tracing three different-sized bowls. Then paper hats, boots, mittens, and we used a hole-punch for eyes and buttons. Turned out cute, but with this move, I didn't save it ... Shhh! Don't tell my daughter! We can always make another one in February, right? It'll still be snowy next month, too =)

  2. How can it be??? It is going so fast this time (every time!)...Andy and I were talking about needing to get out the walker, and the high chair, and the regular car seat rather than the carrier-Alex is getting very long, and her carrier is in the highest many changes! She is so pretty!!! (but you know that!)

  3. How the time (and snow!) does fly. I hope she gets to keep some of her curls. And, teeth already, too!

  4. Where has the time gone?? She is just such a precious little girl. Good job on those teeth Sweetie Pie!

  5. adorable. so young, and yet growing so fast. looks like quite a few teeth too, for a 5 monther!


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