Friday, January 8, 2010

Cleaning Out

Or at least trying to. Hey, it's cold here in MN, very, very cold! These prayer cards are from one little drawer in my dresser. My dresser that has 8 drawers and only 2 actually have clothes, (socks and underwear). I have pictures, from when we were not digital, picture frames, and 2 drawers of odds and ends, including prayer cards and old scapulars.
Mary Hannah, (who loves to have "stuff") couldn't wait for me to go through my drawers, she knew she'd get treasures. Here's a pile of my novenas, I got right after my conversion. I prayed in overload in those days, I think I prayed all these novenas each day. (way before children) She picked the St Therese one for her treasure and we started the novena today.
I like can't get rid of all the prayer cards I have. I keep getting more, I get them at church, retreats, talks, etc.... I love them and I just can't ever decide which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of, so back in the drawer they go.

Old scapulars. Pieces of old palms. Broken rosaries. All the medals from the scapulars. (we take them off because they wear the scapulars out too soon) I know I need to bury these, but it's hard to do. There's never a holy enough place, in the dirt. So back in the drawer they go. (not that there is any dirt anywhere in MN right now, it's like 18 below wind chills here!)


  1. Jamie, you can burn them, too. I bury them all under a statue of the Blessed Virgin. Better they be buried or burned than come into the wrong hands.

  2. Are you sure you're not cleaning out drawers in my room?

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  4. Do you wear scapulars now? That is one thing I've had a hard time understanding since my conversion to the Church 6 years. I still have one in a drawer that someone gave me as a gift at my confirmation. I'd like to wear it, but I just need to understand it a little more.

  5. Yeah, do a controlled burn and bury them under a statue in the yard. OR, burn them and bury them at a loved ones gravesite. I'd do it.

  6. Not sure if you were getting rid of some of the literature but if you are... prison ministries thrive on the educational donations of the community. I just helped my mom clean out all her religious cards and the like and my diocese was so excited to get all those books and prayer cards. Happy New Year!- Tara

  7. a friend of our gave us some to burn. If you want you can give them to me and I have a statue of Mary and St. Francis....and land...and it is out here by a nice holy church...just an idea.

    I have a zillion cards too.

    cute pic of sweet little girl

  8. Jamie, you are a LOT like me! I LOVE picking up free sacramentals (especially rosaries) at Catholic Churches - prayer cards, pictures, novenas, ect.! I also LOVE Catholic book stores! Like you, I have quite a collection!

    Did you get my email?? Did I tell you hubby and I are joining a Franciscan Third Order? We attended our first class yesterday after Mass - it was wonderful!!

    I really need some prayers. I have now been hit with another trial. I thought endometriosis and inferility (lack of period since November) was enough of a trial, but now I have another one, a worse one, and it has nothing to do with any of the above subjects!

    Thank you for your prayers!

    Thinking of you and praying for you!


  9. Looks like some of the drawers I just packed up and moved!
    God Bless.

  10. WE have the same thing! I have an angel dish that hold them all. A TON of little prayer cards as well, eps since I inherited my mom's religious stash!


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