Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is a trail of pine needles leading from tree to the school room, then up the stairs and to the girls' room all the way to the garbage! When I asked Babycakes what she was doing with the Christmas tree needles, she replied "I was throwin' dem in da garbage."
The stairs needed vacuuming anyway...
Here's our Epiphany cake, not as pretty as Barbara's, but Kings can wear brown crowns, right? (we made pudding frosting, although, this cake, I thought tasted better without frosting) I always figure it doesn't have to be perfect or even pretty necessarily, but just doing something special, like lighting 3 candles for the 3 kings and singing "We Three Kings" will make it memorable. I hope.
The kids wanted to know why it was called a "pound cake". I explained because you gain a pound when you eat it.
The kiddos were excited about that...the mama, not so much.


  1. Great movie to check out! Maybe this will prompt us to sign up for NetFlix!
    LOVED your cake - Luke said we have to make one, a day late, cause we have some Dots, too!
    Our stairs looked a little like that as we hauled out the way too dead tree! We had to take it out on Sunday night, as they were collecting trees the next day. How come I'm still finding needles after we ShopVacced, swept and washed floors? :)

  2. I love your cake -- love Barbara's too. brown crowns are definitely just as meaningful/thoughtful as white ones. Love your new blog header, a pretty darn good drawing for a 5 year old, I must say. but I also love the pic you had in the header too.

  3. Love the cake! I love the way you celebrate all of these important feasts!

  4. Hi Jamie! I like the new header photo - is that a rabbit on Jedi's shirt?? If so that is so funny b/c my ds9 loves rabbits. Anyway kudos to you for doing the cake!! We didn't do anything. I felt so bad b/c the kids were asking what we were going to do to celebrate. Hope you're having a great New Year!!
    God bless you and yours, you are an inspiration to me this year as I make my resolutions (not wuite done yet!).....

  5. Your cake turned out wonderfully, Jamie. It looks delicious! But I especially love your perspective—Our efforts don't have to be perfect or even pretty, as long as we're doing things with our families to emphasize our Faith. These are the memories our children will have of their childhood ... And these are good memories!!

  6. So good to hear your voice the other day. Thanks for listening to my ups and downs and I am praying for your family also.

    The needle thing is funny. Cake looks great! We just marched the wise men to their spots and celebrated that way!

    I like the singing idea too.

    I will have to check out that show!


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