Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

I had planned on posting something kind of fun to talk about, but realized what a sad day this actually is and couldn't. (I'll save it for another day)
If we take away all the arguments of pro life or pro choice or pro abortion, all the political stuff and just look at the issue. The baby. That's the issue. Abortion is murder. Period. It is the ending of a life. A life with a soul. A soul given by God. No matter what the circumstance, the baby is from God. How can we put ourselves above God and say that a baby is not meant to live?
That we know better what is best for us or the baby?
Fetus: Latin-Little One


  1. Offering up this current trial for all mothers and fathers to choose life, for all the unborn babies, and for the end of abortion!

    Oh, how I wish I could be a Mother and didn't have this infertility/endometriosis problem! I would love for the blessing of being able to get pregnant, carry a baby, and give birth - even once! I wish I could adopt all the unwanted, unloved babies out there!

    Let's pray the rosary today for Roe V. Wade to be overturned and for the end of abortion!

    Maria Therese in Mass

  2. It's the end of 2 lives. That of the baby and the soul of the mother too. So, so sad. I feel so bad for all of the women who go through it, the lies they believe, and the pain they will carry for the rest of their lives -they don't even realize it. Especially for the young teenage girls. It's just heart wrenching.

  3. My daughter's school prayed an extra Rosary yesterday for the babies in danger of abortion. And on the way home she asked me why "they" would do that. It was hard to answer, because I don't really think of "why" a mom would do that, nor could I think of "good reasons" why a mom would do that. (At least reasons I could explain to my young daughter.) I tried to simplify it and help her understand, while protecting her innocence, and then I just told her that I didn't understand it either, and it was very sad ... How do you explain such a horrible thing to a seven year old? I certainly didn't know about abortion when I was seven. Prayers for the babies ... prayers for the moms, too. Perhaps my daughter's and her schoolmates' prayers saved a baby yesterday ... Perhaps all of our prayers saved more than one yesterday. We can hope!

  4. my daughter's birthday is January 22, the day of Roe v. Wade. I think it was God's way of saying I want babies to live !!!

  5. Walk for life in San Francisco today. Praying for all the people that attends. Praying for an end to abortion. Lord have Mercy of us and the whole world.

  6. Oh look at that little precious child....somedays I wish my baby was that tiny again. I CANNOT MOVE!! Almost there almost there....

    breaks my heart this child under my heart is loved and all those many babies destroyed.

    When will it end??

    ps...your bread was a hit. Nothing left but crumbs!

  7. My kids have trouble understanding WHY someone would kill their baby. Who wouldn't?
    I remember explaining this massacre to my then 7 yr old when she asked what abortion was. After the horror and shock wore off a bit she reflected and said," Why doesn't the mommy just let the baby live and give it to someone who wants one and will love it?"
    EXACTLY!! Out of the mouths of babes!

    My 4 yr old will say to me every so often out of the blue," Don't forgot to pray for the babies so they don't die - I love them!"
    Yes, baby, so does the One who made them...

  8. Every time I see photos like this I am reminded yet again of how amazing women's bodies are to be able to create and nurture these little LIVES!!


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