Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

I wish I were Octopus Mom.
I feel like Octopus Mom.


  1. cute cute. let me borrow Octopus mom when you are done with her. I need her here too.

  2. I can so relate...but you know that!

  3. Thanks for calling and checking up on are so sweet.

    I want to be that mom also and a couple of helpers besides. You'd think my kids would love to help clean or do laundry and WORK!

    Just running errands and trying to get a ton of stuff done. Need to blog but....every minute seems to count today. I have been gone all week and just starting to do laundry and cleaning. ugh

    thanks for your love and care

  4. i feel like that too.
    sans the pearls. earrings. and hat.
    she is actually much prettier!
    but i'd sure like to have her grace in handling all those things...


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