Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year of Thanksgiving 2009

January Snow-covered mailboxes
February lots of red painting

March my old broken leg
April pretty Easter dresses

May potty training for Babycakes
June warm days on the porch and lots of flowers!
July a big mama feeling very ready for baby!
August big welcome for Sweetie Pie!

September lots of helping hands
and trampolines, one of our best purchases ever!

October Fall mailboxes
November busy, crazy, wonderful home-life
December We are so very blessed!


  1. YOU ARE so very blessed!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us. BIG HUGS!!!

  2. What a year! Lots to look back on and be grateful for ! ;)

  3. I know the broken leg must have been a pain but I love love love the cast you have on it.

  4. It's fun to look back ... What blessings!

    Happy New Year, Jamie!

  5. You are blessed. What a year for you guys. Love all the pictures!

  6. What a great look back! other than the broken leg, I;d say a great year!!! Looking forward to this one!

  7. What a wonderful post! In retrospect we can see how great our lives really are. Thanks for sharing. Nerm

  8. just getting caught up on your posts. I love this post and all the pics. the ones of your kiddos at the end are adorable!! happy 2010.

  9. I was browsing and saw this-thanks for sharing! It's a cute way to show all the craziness of one year. and you did have a lot of that! A branch fell on my leg the other day and almost broke it- as I lay on the ground screaming in pain with my two kids next to me, I thought of you! lol! but yours was a million times worse! Your baby is beautiful, as is the rest of your family! God Bless!


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