Friday, February 26, 2010

2 Movies!

My husband and I watched this one last night and thought it was pretty good. There was a time when Robert De Niro's character swears a lot and uses the Lord's name badly (I always repeat in my head "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" when I hear that) while playing with his teen grandson of all things, but other than that, (and that was the only time) it really was a good movie.
This picture is interesting, because, during the movie, he is always taking pictures with his "film" camera (35mm) but they are showing a digital one?!
Can anyone guess who that guy is on the left, or I should say, what he's been in? I figured it out half way through the movie....I'll tell you in the comments box!
Everything is Illuminated. Excellent movie. A couple off comments but really a good movie, both funny and interesting. I love movies about the Holocaust. I only cried at the end.
Suzie told me about it, said we'd like it, and she was right!


  1. He's Sam Rockwell, but he played that crazy wild Bill in The Green Mile. Very dark character! He's a nice man in this movie!

  2. So glad you liked the latter. It's quirky and we weren't too sure at first, but it won us over.

    Eric has been gone so much lately that we haven't watched anything. I've wondered about the 1st movie you mention. I'll have to put it in our Q.

    I don't remember Rockwell from The Green Mile, but that movie was a LONG time ago.

  3. Sam Rockwell is well known and beloved in my house for his role as GUY in the FABULOUS movie, Galaxy Quest.

    He's been in a lot of other critically acclaimed movies. LUVed the Green Mile.

  4. Thanks for the movie reviews, Jamie. I always trust your recommendations, because I know you wouldn't tolerate anything obscene or off-color in any way.

  5. I think Elijah is a fantastic actor. My MIL used to babysit him when he was a young tot. Not kidding. His grandparents came to my FIL's funeral. His cousins look nearly like him, too. I'll have to put this in my Q. Must survive this tsunami first. :)


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