Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Big Event!

Everyone gathered around for the big event, they've been waiting for months!
(Sweetie Pie does not like the high chair, had to prop her up with a bunch of diapers)
Baby food!!!!
Who knew this white stuff was so exciting?

She gobbled it up, she couldn't get enough, she loved it!
(Maybe I should have done it earlier than 6 months?)
They all had the chance to feed her and it all went well, except that one time when Babycakes put the spoon too far in her mouth and it gagged her....
The gang is asking constantly "when are you going to feed her again?"
It's so nice to have such wonderful helpers and so very cute!


  1. All my kids started "meals" before they were sitting up, so they ate in their bouncy chair -- maybe Sweetie Pie doesn't like sitting up while she enjoys her meals? Or maybe she'll get used to it. ;-)

  2. I've bought a box of rice cereal with each kid and NONE of them have liked it ... at all! We'll see how baby Louis is with it, but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation.

    That's cute that your kiddos were so excited & that you let them each take a turn.

    She has the most beautiful eyes. That's what I'm drawn to each time I see a picture.

  3. Barbara-as long as that food was coming, she was fine...I did do the bouncy chair though yesterday and it was better!

  4. Way to go Sweetie Pie! Where has the time gone?
    What a handful of helpers you have. They are so cute all gathered round their dear sister!

  5. oh I love those pictures. the first one, so lovely, showing the support sweetie pie has of her sisters and brother. the second one, she is so eager, so excited. you can see it in her face. how proud you must be.

  6. Bet she's gonna like that highchair now!

    Love to see such family excitement...

  7. There is something special about the crossover to real food. My boys are begging for me to start our almost 4 month old soon. I'm not in a rush, though.

  8. I usually wait until they shove it in their mouths all by themselves. It doesn't take long, since they watch the older ones so much! I have bought exactly TWO boxes of cereal for babies. I gave them both away. Heeheehee, happy munching!

  9. YUM YUM...where can I get some! Seriously...I ate more of that stuff then the baby..I LOVE IT! I know I am very weird.

    I am one lucky friend...the fam-fam had such a nice meal last night. Literally fighting over the fruit. Brownies too!!?? YOU spoiled me and our family. Forever grateful. We loved and have enough for more meals.

    thank you thank you thank you thank you

  10. Really wanted to pull you into the house and sit you on the couch to chit-chat. I have been homebound for so long. Good to have you for 10mins though!!!


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