Friday, February 12, 2010

First Time Away From Home Food

Christine mentioned a while back that when she first lived away from home, she would save her milk from her cereal in the morning and put it back in the jug because she couldn't afford to keep buying milk...and then her husband to be wanted some milk, can't remember if he actually drank out of the jug or not, but that story just totally grosses me out!!! It's pretty funny though! It makes me think of what I ate when I first moved away from home.

I was working 3 jobs at the time and one of them was Subway. Since each shift would allow me a "free sandwich" it was perfect for the starving new "on her own" girl. SO, every night that I worked Subway, I'd eat Subway for supper.

The following summer, I lived in a family's basement, I had a bedroom, bathroom and a unfinished "living room" with a tiny couch, a TV and a refrigerator. (all theirs, even the bed was theirs) I didn't want to impose on the other family or take away their privacy, so even though they wanted me to use their kitchen and be upstairs with them, I never did go just felt weird. Looking back, I sure wish I had done so. I was working long hours and just bought the necessities, which were Buddig meats (yuck, is it really meat?) which sell for like 50 cents, a loaf of bread, milk and Cheerios. That is what I lived off of that summer. (I did have a boyfriend though and he took me out on weekends or we ate at his house) I would grab a Buddig meat and 2 slices of bread and off I'd go, no mayo, no fruit, nothing else! Back then I loved Diet Mountain Dew, with a straw. SO, priorities, I did have my Diet Dew.

In the months before the Buddig summer, I lived off of air popped popcorn, Mozzarella cheese and chocolate Slim Fast with ice and a banana in the blender. That was it. Same boyfriend took me out on weekends, so this really was only during the week. I was already thin, I only ate the Slim Fast because I thought it was a healthy way to get a "meal". Gosh, was I stupid.
What about you? Do you have any first time away from home stories about what you ate and how you lived? What will our kids do? I do hope they come home to eat!


  1. This was really fun to read about you. When we get together and chat we do not talk too much about our past.

    I will have to do a post on this one.

    one word...Dominoespizza

  2. Great post! I lived on my own only in college...on the dorms...that's right! cafeteria food all the way! YUCK! So glad those days are over!

  3. During college I ate on campus the first year; I didn't mind the dorm food. The salad bar was great. For the next three years, I lived at a women's fraternity and we had an amazing cook.

    The only time I really lived on my own was during the summer months and grad school. I ate hamburger helper and added meat or vegetables. That lasted for at least two meals. Ramen noodles were another staple & perfect for 'eating in' during lunch hour (I worked as a graduate assistant & had a lunch hour). Sometimes a group of us would go out to eat.

    After the Noon Mass on Sundays, I would stop by the grocery store and pick up two raised doughnuts (at least one with maple frosting) and the Sunday paper. That was probably my worst meal!

    I can't stand Hamburger or Chicken Helper anymore, but it sure got me through that period of my life!

    Yea, I'm sure Budding is not the best part of the animal!~)

  4. I went from home to a sorority house where we had three balanced meals a day, back to home, so I never really experienced college starvation. My son, however, is in an apartment and he emailed his grocery list to me last night (because he's 20 minutes away, mom delivers -- I'm kind of like a grocery fairy dontchathink?). He had soda, lunch meat, cereal, cereal, cereal and junk food on his list. He's getting some apples and fruit juice too. ;-)

  5. Oh memories!
    Let's see...Taco Bell's Seven Layer Burrito, McD's chicken salad, Subway (miss those slim years, too! :) Also, sliced cheese and lunchmeat w/ mayo on bread, apples, Ramen and poptarts in the fridge and a little Diet Dr. Pepper (that one's for you, Suzie!!) We won't talk about the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum that always went well with the Dr. P... :)


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