Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lent Link Up

Lacy, at Catholic Icing set up this "Lent Link Up" and I couldn't resist adding my 2 cents worth!
We always use a "sacrifice and good deed" jar in which we put in beans every time we do something extra nice, or helpful, or sacrifice something. Some things are worth many beans, like today, the 2 oldest kids got up and started their school right away and were almost done by the time I got dressed and ready for the day! 10 beans for that one! I am not stingy with the beans, as it does take quite a few beans to fill the jar and makes everyone positive and happy. It's amazing what the kiddos will do for a bean. Of course it is explained that it's not just for the bean, but for Jesus!

Then on Easter Sunday, the dry beans turn into bright colored jelly beans!

We do the Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure 3 times/week. This is a free service that is emailed to you. The kiddos watch a short video and we print out coloring sheets and puzzles and pray a daily decade with the other kiddos as well as the Angelus.
Lacy at Catholic Icing also had these wonderful sheets, where the kiddos color a square each day on the Lenten path to Easter. We put a purple (the color of penance, Lent and kings) cross on the door and each child put their sacrifices and what they'd like to do extra during Lent
We plan to do a washing of feet on Holy Thursday, stressing what Jesus did on that night, reading from the bible and the meaning of washing others' feet, service and sacrifice. Putting others needs first.
The kids always love doing this!
We pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet more often and start the novena on Good Friday.
Stations of the Cross are prayed along with this CD and we follow them up the stairs. It's a fun way for the littles to sit and watch along the way.
These beautiful images were ordered through CHC.

CRAFTS next!

These beautiful stand up crosses are made with cardstock paper (I used folders)
Cut half way up where the crayons are showing! Then slide into each slit.

Sticks tied together to make crosses, put into dirt (desert) and put into a purple can or jar, draped with a purple ribbon. Later, on Easter replaced with a white ribbon!
Marble Painting! "By his stripes we were healed" Isaiah 53:5
Red paint is very visual! Crosses and necklace crosses!
Dip marbles in paint, put paper on bottom of a box, put marbles in and roll around!
The purple crosses and shamrocks are marble painted.

Onto snacks! The kiddos love to make these pretzels, symbolizing crossed arm praying. (the old way people used to pray)

My recipe can be found here

Pretzel crosses. Big rods, or little sticks can be made into cross snacks, by adding peanut butter or cream cheese.
Resurrection Rolls
Crescent rolls
Cinnamon and sugar
Melted butter
Large marshmallows
Dip marshmallows into melted butter and then sugar mix and put inside triangle rolls, wrap them up and sprinkle with sugar mix on top.
Bake 9-11 minutes

Empty tombs when they are finished!
We have these on Easter morning!
I hope this post has given you some ideas for your Lent!
Something we always like to do is a mini retreat at home, using some of these ideas packed into Holy week.
Blessings on your path to Easter!


  1. Oh, my! What a completely fabulous post! I can't even believe all the cute ideas and pictures you have! I'm really excited about the link-up on Friday. I think it's going to be a lot of fun! :-)

  2. I like your blog:) great ideas:) Thanks for sharing

  3. you have some really delightful ideas. I signed up for the holy heroes advent and lent series. and I keep thinking it is a little old this year for my three year old (since no other older siblings in the house). I do love your ideas, how the seeds turn to colored jelly beans on Easter morning, the cardstock crosses. we could do that and have great fun with that, and it would be a good teaching exercise. thanks for sharing. onh and i love your stations of the cross.

  4. Jamie!! You do so many wonderful, faith-filled things with your children. They are blessed through you! And may the Lord bless your efforts 100-fold!

  5. i ditto what sarah said!
    you are awesome, jaimie.
    and i am excited to use a few of your ideas.
    i haven't made resurrection rolls in years and my kids have been bugging i might make some of those too.
    hope you are having a holy and productive lent!

  6. This is a wonderful post! I love the Stations of the Cross going up your stairs and I really want to try the Resurrection rolls this year.

  7. Resurrection rolls were a hit last year. Thanks again for all the ideas.

  8. OH Gosh! I totally LOVE the stand-up crosses!! How easy, but what a great project! I'm absolutely doing this in my CCD class next week - what a fabulous idea! ~ Kathy
    (ps- I've never been to your blog before, found it on the Catholic Icing linkup, but what lovely devotions your family has! You should be proud! This sort of posting challenges me to do more at my house!!!)

  9. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas! I love the stand-up crosses.

  10. thanks for the wonderful ideas. we set aside our friday nights to make crafts. these are very inspirational ideas. have a wonderful joyful day.

  11. Thanks for sharing all these ideas.

  12. Hi, I tried to find the Catholic World Mission Glory Stories The Passion for Children CD online and I cannot seem to find it anywhere - do you have any tips on where I might find it?

    Thank you!

  13. anonymous--I found it here:

    HOpe that helps...I went back and linked it in my post too!

  14. Great ideas! I love the Stations of the Cross leading up the stairs! So many things to try :)


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