Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Lady of Lourdes and Some Movies!

Margaret asked if I'd been to Lourdes. I have not. I'd love to go someday. I have, however, been here, (above picture) does that count?
Anyone know where this is?
Happy feast day everyone!
My husband and I watched this movie the other night. I have to say I usually do not like Jennifer Anniston's movies. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually a pretty good movie.
The movie is more about him healing from the death of his wife. It's about healing and moving on.

Now, this movie I loved! I have not seen it in years but have been wanting to see it again. It's based on a true story and really makes you want to dance....especially with Antonio Banderas!

Who is Lurking?
I've been noticing a lot of "lurkers" out there lately. Just wondering who you are. I have an average of about 130 people visiting on weekdays, each day. (not a lot, but still wondering)
I'd love to meet you, leave a comment and say "hi"!


  1. I am your biggest FAN!! I lurk here everyday about 100 times!!!! I just click and click and click..hee hee.

    Have not seen a good movie in a long time. You are so lucky you have a hubby who will watch those kinds of movies with you. I just fell asleep the other night to the latest G.I. Joe movie. Dumb dumb dumb show.

  2. Hi!

    My name is Jamie and I'm a lurker. :) I'm a wife-to-be (on April 10th, YAY!) and plan to homeschool my future children, so I find your blog very inspiring! Thank you for writing! :)

  3. Hi jamie! I will pray for your upcoming wedding! Congratulations and thank you for visiting!!

  4. I do! I do! Isn't that South Bend- Notre dame grotto? I used to live up there and would say rosaries with my mother at the grotto- soo beautiful! :)

  5. I really, really like movies with dance. I don't even care if the acting is bad (not that it is in this movie), as long as the dancing is great!

    I finally figured out how to make site meter work accurately ... kept getting zero (ie not even recording commenters). I'm not sure I'd want to know how many times I check your site somedays!!! I must be bored or really crave your company.

  6. Not a lurker (or maybe I am if I can't remember my last comment!). Hi ya Jamie!

  7. Devoted lurker and commenter, here.

    Perhaps those who fit that catagory should have a name, like HELPers
    Highly or Hopelessly
    Lurkers and

    Somebody come up with something better...

    Always LUV your movie recommendations, thanks.

  8. Perhaps I, too, lurk....hehe...I'm just here to comment and occassionally stop back to look at your craft ideas to gather my supplies when the kids and I do one of your crafts. Def. not 100 times a day though!

    BTW, that IS a lot of visitors. I'm embarassed, so I won't even tell you the small amount on mine. I guess I need to 'get out there' a little more to get as many as you! :) My traffic has increased and I was just happy to have 20 followers and the visits I do get each day....but hey, who wouldn't want to lurk around Jamie?? You are wonder-woman!!

  9. You're certainly popular! Would you call me a lurker...hmmmm...probably not, but you know you areone of my favorites!

  10. i think you should be honored that you get so many visitors per day!!! i am happy if my stats go over 30 :) but i am a quiet newbie still, i guess.

    and um, i'd really like to dance with antonio banderas too...

  11. beautiful grotto picture. is it Notre Dame university? I've been fortunate to have made a pilgrimage to Loudes France. it is more beautiful, more peaceful, than any picture could depict. And the pilgrimage was full of graces for me. thanks for the movie tips. We don't rent movies ooften, so when we do, I like to know it's worth it, ahead of time. I'll put these (especialy the second one) on my list.

  12. I am a lurker, too. :) I love your blog, and your family is beautiful. :)

  13. I just keep checking here on and off for NEWS on Kissy when Kissy doesn't post something new . . . Gosh, I hope she has that baby soon! Plus, I just can't stay away from your darlingness!


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