Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Lady of Lourdes and Valentine Crafts

If you have any old puzzle pieces, they work great for the Grotto for Our Lady of Lourdes!
These pieces happen to be from a 3-D puzzle.
Again, the coloring sheet is from Waltzing Mathilda.
Minnesota mittens!

Hearts in a vase! Glue a pipe cleaner between 2 hearts and that's it!
Valentine Collages!
Wrapping paper pieces, hearts, scrapbook paper scraps....
turn into masterpieces!


  1. You're so crafty! Love your ideas, every time.

  2. really great ideas. I've got a box full of wrapping paper left overs (for small presents). how great to use them for valentines. love the use of stray puzzle pieces for the grotto.

  3. Dear Jamie Jo,
    I have been by before but got so busy I didn't comment.
    I have loved looking at your posts and this wonderful craft one is so creative and caring.
    I love the valentine tree and think we will use this great idea, if we may.
    God Bless


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