Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recycled Boxes!

(Hey! I said I was not "reading" blogs, I can still post....)
Take a box of any kind, cereal, noodles, crackers, etc....
Cut into post card sizes

Send to friends! Ballerina Rosie is sending all of them to a friend, one each day, so her friend can put the puzzle together as she gets each post card.


  1. Cute idea.

    I may suggest to my little girl, who just LUVS to send mail that she glue (O how we LUV gluing) a drawing of hers on the other side. I will them laminate it, cover it in clear plastic.

    Thanks for a great project.

  2. Noelle is loving this! Hope you are receiving your mystery "puzzle". It's such a neat idea!!


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