Friday, February 5, 2010

St Valentine's Day Planning!

I took Christine's idea of making hearts for my love and hiding them every day until Valentine's day! I think my husband really likes it! I'm writing some of the things I love about him on each heart, each day. I fall more in love with him each day I write something and he's like a little kid finding the hearts, it's so cute!
"What time is it, honey?"
I'm off to get some supplies for my heart tree and Valentine treats and party stuff!
This year, I'm planning on writing bible verses on each conversation heart and some cute love things too, of course! (maybe they will be double sided)
I'm having 6 mamas, 27 kids, including 19 girls and 8 boys!!!
I can't wait, it will be so fun!
Wait, I think Christine wanted to come....make that 7 mamas....
I'm also planning on writing about Lent. Yes, I said Lent. It's only a week and a half away!


  1. I know...can you believe Lent is right around the corner? I was just thinking yesterday that I have some discerning to do before Ash Wed!!

    Thanks for the ideas. I've been racking my brain for V-Day ideas for husband and am drawing a blank. Love this one. And I may just go put my boots on right now and find a stick in the backyard to copy your heart tree.

    Happy weekend:)

  2. your love notes idea (or Christine's) is cute. I think I will try it. i've got some heart shaped post its too. Looking forward to your Lent post.

  3. I am so glad you are giving a little lub to your hub-bby!

    I make it even easier and put the lub note in his lunch everyday.

    I dont think the guys always have to be the "ROMANTIC" is good for the gals to give too!

    Guys Love love love to hear that they have big write all those sweet thangs and give to the is the month of LUB!

  4. OH....and I CAN come to your party!!!! What can I BRING and what can I do to help. I was actually hoping to miss it because I would have had the baby today!


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