Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Party!

Valentine cookie pizzas.....
times four!

Toys galore!
Fun all around....and lots of red and pink!
There are 3 boys jumping and laying down behind the couch and a little wanderer who didn't make it in the picture...but it was a fun time and this is one exhausted mama!
I'm such a Martha and didn't get any more pictures than this....I should have gotten pictures of the crafted bags and all the bags lined up on the table to be filled with Valentines.


  1. How fun! You are such a fun mom with such wonderful ideas!!

  2. I posted my photos of the day on a blog today. I can send you them by email if you'd like. I got just one with the boys popping out of the back. And yes, Sabrina wandered off that little bugger. She was there a minute before, i swear! We had such a fabuloud time - thank you Jamie again!!!!!

    I do have a photo of all the bags last year, that we could pretend was this years! :)


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