Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's Up With Sweetie Pie

"Oh, there's those wiggly things again....I'm gonna get them!"
"Oh, I got it!"
"Oh, no! They moved again....hmmmm....I'm gonna get them!"
"Focus, fooocus....."
"I got a toe! I got a toe! Hold it....hooold it"
"There! Boy, I sure am glad I got my tongue to help me get these moving things! Now what do I do?"


  1. Too cute, she is!
    It's okay, Sweetie Pie, I've found from experience that sticking out your tongue definitely helps achieve a goal. Keep working on those toes!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Jamie! She is so cute! Alex is doing the same thing. In fact she will work her legs out of her sleeper at night so she can get to her toes!

  3. OH I would love to grab those sweet-feet and put them on my cheeks. How come she is so big?

    I am curious about the pink purse by her head....a sister did that?

    You are so blessed to have her Jamie!


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