Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Things!

I have so many things in my head to blog about, that I thought I'd post a big post with a bunch of those things! Here the kiddos are eating at our Candlemas Tea inspired by Alice at Cottage Blessings See! No fancy dishes, no fancy water pitchers, (just holy water in a bottle), paper plates (keepin' it real here, we use paper plates all the time!), I read the Presentation in the bible and this mama didn't even have fake doves for a centerpiece....oh, well, Ballerina Rosie said it was the best lunch she's ever had!
I think Babycakes thought so too!

For Monday evening, I helped teach our girls' Little Crowns group and it was all about the rosary. The whole rosary. It was fun, I loved it! We prayed with the girls and they made edible decade rosaries!
We bought this piano from Melissa last week. It's beautiful and only 20 some years old. Our old piano was a 1905, very, very old, heavy, big piano. Isn't this new one pretty?

Within 5 days, Babycakes got into the diaper bag and took out my hand sanitizer.
Lost! What more can I say? So glad we have a DVR now, I thought it was a great season premiere, but am seriously hoping they don't end it at the end of the season, as if it never happened...like they are showing in half of the scenes, what about you?
I wanted to show Mary Hannah in her beautiful Zora hat made by a beautiful woman who waltzes and knits!
I have to say, I asked (begged) and she went out and bought the yarn, knit it and sent it off within a couple days! (thank you Charlotte!)
Remember the milk? Well, I decided to let nature take care of it. I left the garage door open in the daytime and since it was totally freeeeeeeezing last week, it dried up within a week. Now, in the spring, when we can run our hoses, I will hose down the floor!
One last thing, prayers for Christine please! She's due next week and says she always has her babes on weekends. Her inlaws won't be home until Thursday...so she's hoping to deliver this weekend! Poor Christine has been sleeping in her recliner for a couple weeks now and she's ready! (me too, I can't wait to see that sweet little baby)


  1. That looks like an excellent lunch!! I like when other mom's can 'keep it real' and although the beautiful tea cups and candles and glass pitchers are nice, sometimes that just isn't an option. Thanks for sharing the simplicity in celebrating a Church feast. We did that coloring page yesterday too!

    Those hats are just gorgeous (so are the girls in them!).

  2. this is a great tidbits post. a little of everything. I like your candlemas activities. and I went over to visit Christine and left her a comment.

  3. I love posts that are a big hodge-podge of different things! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The strawberries looked soooo good. Again, the hat is adorable & a cute 'topping' on your dd.

  5. Look at babycakes cheecks. They are so pink! I bet she was just outside.
    This was a really fun post to read with lots of good things going on over there.
    LOST??!! Never have seen one show.

    THANK you THANK YOU! for the prayers and phone call today. You are a sweet sweet friend to me.

  6. I have been saying since the last season ended that they better not end it with everyone getting off the plane strangers! But it looks like they are not staying strangers but their lives are intertwining (Kate in the taxi with Claire, Jack offering surgery on Locke, etc). I'm looking forward to seeing where they take this!

  7. LOve the piano.

    I have gone LOST crazy. LUV it! Reading all these predictions and FBing about it.

    Praying for dear, Christine as well!

  8. That is sooo weird to see our old piano on your blog! :( But I am glad it went to a good home, and we like our new digital keyboard - so it was worth it. Even changed our living room around.

    Pray that I come to Book Club tomorrow. I want to, but not sure how tomorrow will go. Can't wait for the weekend.


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