Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Dreams!

Ballerina Rosie, after talking about a few favorite saints and discussing that they were just "normal" people, was thinking quite deeply.
Ballerina Rosie: "Mom, I don't think I can be a nun. My voice is just SO beautiful that the whole world needs
to hear it. I love my voice so much, that every day I can't wait to hear it.
Get ready, mom, because, in 10 years, I'm going to be on American Idol."


  1. ha!
    this is a good one!
    and she's humble too! :)

    jaimie, can you let me know if you get my emails because they always bounce back the first time. so i was hesitant to reply to your comments from yesterday 'cause i wasn't sure if you'd get it!


  2. I will be her biggest fan! We do not have the gift of song at this home. NOBODY can sing!

  3. She needs to come out of her shell . . . ;)

    what an assertive confident little saint you are raising. You should be so proud.


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