Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy, (Almost ok, not) Wordless Wednesday!

All the snow is melted! Yahoo!!! (new header picture maybe?)
Cards made and sent! Baby shower for someone...
Green paint....
Green Bread....(recipe here)
Irish Brown Bread in oven....(recipe here)
Lots of mouth, slobbery, baby kisses!
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!
Yes, I'm Irish! (Less than 1/4 though)
Hubby is not. SO, the kiddos have very minimum Irish in them....but it's there!
We are all wearing green today!


  1. What a fun St. Patrick's Day you had! Your pics are so fun! We are not Irish at all, but we still enjoyed some Shamrock Shakes (mint chocolate chip ice cream and milk) and wore green ... and talked about the great saint whose feast is today ... My oldest participates in Irish dance, so we have grown in our appreciation of the Irish culture because of her involvement ... the music, dance, etc. is so rich! (Of course, there's more to it than that, but that's a big part ...)

  2. Love those slobbery kisses. :)

  3. I agree...excellent header pic.

    I CANNOT wait for kisses like that. Those are the best.

    Love the green. We had green salad..does that count?

    Good talking to you.

    And....I feel so spoiled getting a shower. Never had one. What a friend I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great post! Love the last pic of slobby kisses!!! :)

    You're just the most darling family.

  5. Love the smootch and the green! My kids are begging for "Jamie's green bread" for today's feast of St. Joseph as well as St. Pat's!
    Love the pic of the header! We can't say that we're snow-free. Got some more melting (and flooding!) to do here in Fargo. Our sump pump never rests!

  6. sweet baby.
    sweet kisses.
    beautiful mama!
    love those pussy willows and all the green stuff!
    have a blessed weekend, jaimie & co.


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