Friday, March 5, 2010

This Weeks Art Projects

We were inspired by Art Projects for Kids for this project.
La Boca Houses
We have a crimper, lots of kids, lots of paper and lots of creativity!
Here they are all lined up, like a neighborhood!
I recently found another great art resource here! And she's from MN!
We used acrylic paint and tinted and shaded using their chosen color and white and black paint.

We got very interesting results!
Babycakes (age 3 1/2) did soooo good! I did draw her rectangles in pencil so she could do buildings too.

Another one of her projects was Echo Flowers!
These were really fun!

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  1. so cool. I love both projects -- the buildings and the echo flowers. I'll try the buildings with my daughter. we'll paste on some card stock.


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