Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Someone's clothes are waiting for the Spring flood!


  1. I hope capris never go out of style while my kids are growing.... they can wear their short pants and they "usually" look like they have capris on.

  2. That sweet baby looks like she is ready to move and crawl all mama ready?

  3. Yes, Stacie!! I think capris are very common amongst homeschoolers, not sure it would be "acceptable" in school!

    Christine, yes! She is getting ready and No! The mama is NOT ready! She rolls all over the floor, on purpose now, she rolls until she runs into a wall or bookcase or whatever!

  4. We're trying to stretch the kids' pants around here too and make it through spring. Seems both of my children's legs are growing, but not their upper bodies! :)

  5. I had to laugh, a friend and I were just talking about that! Eva had on a pair of pants that looked just like that!


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