Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Holy Communion--Part I

This is part I, because I have so many pictures, I had to break them into 2 groups to show, and believe me, I'm only showing a few of the ton of pictures!
This is kind of the preparation and parts of the day and out of town guests pictures.
This is the breakfast we made the morning of.
They are those frozen little mini pancakes, of which none of my kids liked. They are used to homemade pancakes. They do look pretty though, don't they?
Here is Ballerina Rosie the night before, showing the price of beauty. I should have pictured the clock too, it was around 10 pm!

Our gift bag preparation, stamped, colored, filled and tied!
Treasures and kisses given to each guest!
This cookie cutter came just in time. (although, cookie decorator, I am not)

Brenna, my sister is her godmother.
So very special to have her here.

Father came and blessed all her gifts and visited a while, he had 6 more homes to visit!

"I'm so excited to see Noelle, I miss her so much, I feel like she's my sister!"
The much anticipated sleepover with Noelle and her family!
(they came from Fargo)
Yes, that would be my son always wanting to be goofy.

I was so excited to see Sarah, I miss her so much, I feel like she's my sister.
(I was agreeing with Ballerina Rosie)
The part II will be the "pretty picture" edition!


  1. Wow! You sure made her day special. What great additions you made to the memories for her. You are so creative! Things for me to file away for next year.

    So glad to see the different photos included: Haven't seen Brenna for years, so good to see her. And Sarah too! What a wonderful day it must have been.

    Thanks for sharing all of the photos! I enjoyed them.

  2. What a day and yes, you made it evern more memorable.

    Your daughter just radiates! She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  3. How wonderful! I will need to remember these next year when Drew makes his!

  4. it's so wonderful to have such enthusiasm and support from family. the cokkies are beautiful!

  5. Looks like a great weekend with family and friends!

    Cute cute ideas.

  6. It was such a special weekend! We were SO happy to be able to come and celebrate. Ballerina R. was beautiful, inside and out!!!
    Everyone was radiant and full of Christ's Love. It was so hard to leave - never enough time to spend with loved ones!! :)
    Love you, Sis!

  7. What a beautiful celebration! Just love the cookies and treat sweet. Thanks for sharing your blessed family time.

  8. What a wonderful surprise to come back from vacation and see how your sweet little girl celebrated her First Holy Communion! She looks radiant and it looks like it was a very special day for her. Thank you for sharing. I am glad to be a part of her day in a small way! Would you mind if I shared this post and the rosary picture on my blog?


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