Friday, April 9, 2010


I found this man, Gilad, last week and I love his workouts! As I mentioned before, we have a DVR with our Direct TV so, I've been taping his workouts, he's on some fitness channel. (notice I didn't say I've been doing the workouts) I did do one and my oh my, my abs hurt. didn't even know I had abs anymore. You can see him here.

They are only 30 minutes long, so I'm hoping to find that time in my day. Yesterday my only 2 goals were:

1. Get a load of laundry done

2. Somehow workout.
( I did a 1 mile Walk Away the Pounds DVD with Sweetie Pie rolling around in front of me, Babycakes beside me constantly trying to take the hand stretchy thingy, and was only interupted 5 times by the older kiddos )
I am convinced that my body could look like these people if I had TIME. Extra TIME, beyond everyone elses's same 24 hours in a day.


  1. Good for you, Jamie! It must be something in the air, because I started doing a workout video this week, too. I've done it every morning before the kids get up. We've been on Easter break, so it's been doable. I don't know about next week when the kids go back to school ... The video is only 20 minutes, and it is intense! It's called "30 Day Shred." Now, I just have to stop eating the Easter candy that is left. If it's in the house, I tend to eat it. Ugh! IF I can continue the video AND eat healthy, I think there is hope ~ ha!!

  2. I started doing EA Active on Wii in February. Then I hurt myself...hoping to get back to it after I go to the chiropractor next week.

  3. I am with you, Jamie! If I am going to exercise I may as well break a sweat. Breaking a sweat requires a shower and suddenly the whole session turns into a larger time chunk than I can prudently fit in the day!

  4. Hey, if TIME is all it takes...

    Then again, I have heard if I did find the time, would I HAVE to DO something... I'm just not sure I have the energy for that! :)

  5. Well I was just sitting here trying to get away with not walking with Leslie today and then I come to your blog. Guess I'll go put in the DVD now. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. These folks do this for a living.
    We are living.
    Do your best and don't fret!

  7. I think they call Gilad "the Israeli stud muffin"! I do love his workouts,though - he is very encouraging. And, how about that backdrop/setting - Hawaii!!!!. Go for it, Jamie ~

  8. I totally agree about the TIME thing. I am still in my jamjams and the laundry, dishes, LIFE is waiting for me. Plus homeschooling my 1st grader...I do not know how you find time for anything!

  9. Go Leslie!
    Go Jamie!
    Love those WATP videos!
    We can do it! (even if I too get interupted 6 or more times in that 30 min - at least it is better than nothing! :)


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