Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's Talk Lost!

I've been dying to talk about Lost with someone...anyone?
I've been very impressed with this season.
We got rid of our cable and signed up for Direct TV and along with that, comes a DVR, which I love! We can tape stuff without a tape. I can fast forward through the commercials, it's great.
Anyway...I am feeling "Lost fulfilled" each week. In the past years, I would always watch and be disappointed with more questions than answers and wishing more was accomplished.
I have so many theories going through my head, but last night's was really good and is really (I think) leading up to the finale. I did have questions though, why was Charlie so weird last night? I will be sad to see it end, although, it is also good.
Any theories out there?
Anyone want to talk "Lost"?


  1. Cannot comment on Lost. I haven't seen one show. I love DVR, too!

    I can comment on that sweet little chick header pic. nice colors.

  2. LOST is my favorite show in the world. Something is not right in the "not crashed" timeline, and Charlie and Desmond, and even Jack (when he was on the plane and thought he might have known Desmond) know it. Whatever happened, happened. I don't think Desmond quite knows what he is doing, but he is going to try to fix whatever happened. That's about as cohesive of a theory as I can make.

  3. LOVE IT!!!

    We got hooked on it two years ago when I borrowed the entire first season from the library. DH and I sat down and started watching. After two hours, he turned to me and said "this is a really good show." I agreed, and we spent the next few weeks watching the rest of the seasons from the library to get caught up. Last year we taped every Wednesday night and watched when we got home from teaching CCD classes. I'm so happy they switched to Tuesday night this year. I really enjoyed the first few weeks this year, when they played the previous weeks episode with their little bubbles along the bottom. We are definitely getting some answers! I thought last night's show was one of the best so far - I really like the interaction between Charlie and other characters, especially Desmond. Oh, and I love their accents, too! I can't wait to see what happens. The Office used to be our favorite show, but it is now in a tie with Lost. Have you ever read Hurley's (Jorge Garcia) blog? The website is --- he is actually pretty funny.

    My only complaint this year is that I miss all of Sawyer's nicknames...

  4. I've been a LOST junkie since the beginning! I'm in mourning that it will be over soon. I'm very confused with last night's episode. Clearly its more than "this is what it would have been like if 815 hadn't crashed"...
    that have to be living both parallels at the same time....I think.
    BTW...I have a LOST LINKS section on my sidebar...some pretty good places to visit!

  5. ...Well those are some interesting comments. I really did not think there were any "GOOD" shows on the boob-tube anymore. If enough people say good things about this show might have to go to the library and check it out!

  6. thank you for your sweet prayers, jaimie!
    i am still waiting for news about my dad. i couldn't stay at the ER with him too long because they would only allow one person in the room with him and of course my mom wanted to be there.
    and i'd love to talk lost with you-if i could just get caught up. i am about 6 episodes behind. thank goodness for DVR recording. i am still trying to process this new season and thinking i might go back at some point and start all over again!
    i agree with norm that something is not right in the not crashed timeline. it seems alomst as if clare and kate sort of know each other. and jack vaguely recognizes some of the others too. i am still not sure about the whole desmond and penny thing. that one really throws me for a loop.
    as well as the eloise and daniel farrady thing.
    i guess one could say that they really came up with the perfect name for that show because i am perpetually LOST.

    hugs to you and happy easter friend!

  7. I would love to be able to talk LOST, but I'm behind, too. Hubby and I just haven't been able to watch & giving up TV for Lent (even though we allowed ourselves this show - we can't tape it) made up forget it was even on!

    I think we'll just have to get this season and watch from the beginning at some point. Before this year, though, we didn't miss an episode.

    I agree with what others have said about the parallel lives. Can't wait to see how it ends and am hoping that there will be something to replace it for next year.

  8. As soon as I get done catching up with the no-longer-airing Gilmore Girls, I plan on getting Lost in LOST. In fact, I will be buying each season and fattening up w/ snacks on the sofa watching the telly.

  9. Maybe I should just try and find George's house (here on O'ahu) and beg him to just spill the entire beans on the show to catch me up. Might take just as long as buying the DVD's and watching them . . . the prison sentence probably wouldn't be good either. Scratch that plan of finding his house.

  10. We are totally obsessed with LOST, it is our opium.

    Every week we watch Dr. Pierre Chang's untangled recap of each episode on YouTube.

    I follow that with Doc Jensen's analysis on and find him to be amazingly cerebral! How does he do it? The day after the show airs he has pages of theories and connections to the bible, classics, physicists and more. It's an education in and of itself. Recently he linked each episode to one of the 10 commandments.

    LOST is like a brain workout for us, some mystical puzzle and I fear we'll be crushed when it's all over...

    Never seen a show that compares....

  11. First, Christine!! Isn't MY opinion enough for you? (haha)

    I love everyone's talk on this, it's fun to "talk Lost"!

    I forgot to mention the "not Locke Monster"! What do you think? Devil? That would make Jacob...God...or does it make him Jesus, because he died? I get that the fake Locke could be the devil, but the other part doesn't make sense for it to be God, unless it's just plain good and evil.

    Boy, the actor who plays Locke, what a great actor, though, huh? I mean really, he's believable in any part he's played on the show, good, bad and inbetween. Anyone remember him on Santa Barbara?

    Paula-I checked out Jorge's blog, it is pretty funny and just goes to show us that all those famous stars are just regular people! (like us who try to bake bread)

    Nancy, Love your Lost links, thanks for sharing!

    Sarah, I LOST your new blog address, please tell me again!

  12. Jamie - I love the lost chat. I don't mind spoilers at all . . . I read the insert on Gilmore Girls so I know sort of what to expect but it doesn't spoil the fun for me at all. I'm blogging at:

    See you there! God bless!

  13. My husband and I are huge LOST fans! It started a couple summers ago, when we rented the first three seasons on DVD, so that we could start up with the fourth season ... I think this season is VERY good, especially this week's episode. I actually feel like story lines are coming together ... I don't want it to end, but it probably has to ... I think in a few years it would be fun to watch all the seasons over again ... Great topic and fun chat. Thanks for posting this, Jamie.


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