Saturday, April 24, 2010

Popping In to Say Hello!

First Communion prep has kept me busy this week, but Margaret's Church's novena
has beautifully put it all into perspective. We have loved this novena and Ballerina Rosie's favorite was the Lily of the Valleys. I'd hoped our Lily of the Valleys would have bloomed in time, but they are just popping up. I love how the novena worked on her virtues and helped her to think of these individually.
Little Sweetie Pie was a little fuss bucket this week! She is working on 4 top teeth. 2 have popped through, but look at this picture...poor baby! She'd only have mama holding her on that good old left shoulder. Until yesterday, she was back to normal, happy, sitting up, eating again, singing and laughing! She was so fussy this week, I started thinking her personality had changed or that maybe mine had with the lack of sleep. Times like these make me so very thankful that she's just so precious and such a gift to all of us.
Now, I'm off to finish laundry (haha, does that ever happen?), First Communion practice at the Church, last minute gifts at the local Catholic gift shop (Christine's sweet baby is being baptized next weekend), Sam's Club to pick up the cake and groceries, Confession, then to the normal grocery store for the rest, curlers to roll, baths to give, balloons to blow up, food to prep and prayers, oh so many prayers. All is offered up for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus, You are my All in All!
(You'll have to click on the song, as for some reason, I can't seem to put up You Tube videos anymore?!)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I know we will!


  1. Have a blessed First Holy Communion Day!

  2. We will be praying this weekend!

    Poor Sweetie Pie! We had the same thing with Alex for a couple of days a week ago...She cut 2 on the bottom and is cutting the top 2 now...

    Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see pistures!

  3. OH poor baby! Such a sweet face I wanna kiss her.
    I hope all goes well for Ballerina Rose on one of the most precious days of her life.

    Dear Lord Jesus, Come to her and make her holy. Touch her heart with grace. Shine on her always.
    Love from Christine

  4. I can just feel the spirit of excitement in your preparations. oh just picturing all the hustle bustle and prayers getting ready for this special time makes me say Ican't wait until it's my daughter's first communion -- a long way away, but I'll enjoy every minute getting there.


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