Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blood Money, Planned Parenthood's Legacy

This documentary is coming out soon, to see the trailer, go here.
It looks so good, I sure hope and pray that it changes so many hearts. My heart went out to the older woman on the clip who states how many abortions she's responsible for. She's turning that around. How wonderful.
The movie reminds me of this book. Wow, one of the best books I've ever read.
Because of this book, (and because of all the babies that are aborted)
we do the Planned Parenthood Boycott.
Yep. No Disney, no Johnson & Johnson, no Girl Scout cookies.
I've been doing the boycott for many years now and over the years have seen so many companies stop contributing to Planned Parenthood, Pepsi, General Mills and many others. Money really does talk.


  1. Almost noon and it is a good thing I do not have my makeup on yet. I cried. Just cried when I saw that video.

    When will it end?

  2. We were talking about this movie at my parish pro-life committee meeting last night. Hoping it comes to the area. Praying for an end!

  3. what a horrible truth. I found this list of planned parenthood corporate supporters: scroll for the list. they also have a link to another list of companies that give matching gifts to PP when their employees do so. Starbucks is on the list, and I've boycotted them a couple years ago when I learned of its connection with PP.


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