Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Back!

Our family just got back from a mini vacation to Duluth, MN
We have never taken a long weekend away and it was a much needed and much enjoyed time!
I was in desperate need of just "enjoying" my children, instead of working. You know, dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, life. I was so excited to just go somewhere and not worry about anything. It was a perfect Mother's day!
Wow! What a city! I'd have to say Duluth is the most beautiful city in Minnesota. I've been there before, but now in my old age, I think I appreciated so much more this time.
I loved the beautiful way they have preserved the old downtown area and the Lake. Lake Superior was just breathtaking. I loved the rocks everywhere and beautiful lighthouses.
Therese-we visited your state like 3 times. It was fun to go over the draw bridge!
And the way the kiddos slept all the way home.

Almost all the kiddos.
Let's say all the LOUD kiddos slept all the way home.
Or at least half way until we stopped for a late lunch.
Happy Mother's day to all you wonderful ladies out there. I thought of you and prayed for you at Mass. We found a church where not many young people were in attendance. Mary Hannah, saying quite loudly in the front pew "There's all old people here", with a disgusted face.
Glad I didn't hear it, but daddy was embarrassed.
Thank you to all who nominated me for this sunshine award. I love it! (it does have a flower on it) I give it to all who come here and comment. You are my sunshine in bloggy world.
I'm sick, sick, sick.
I lost my voice on Saturday and it has not returned. I'm whispering and coughing and not sleeping at all.
Tea, cough drops, water, nothing works
Glad it's raining out, I don't feel guilty for not going anywhere!


  1. WE love Duluth!! We try to get there as often as possible, maybe every other year. It's the perfect place to spend time as a family. We always enjoy every moment there with so much to see.
    Glad you and your family could have a wonderful time! :)

    Feel better soon!

  2. Brian and I have gone to Duluth every Sept. Our anniversary get away. We now have taken the kids...pretty much every year. I love it there also. Went to the Duluth Air Show twice.

    I am so glad your family had a good trip. A safe trip. I was praying for your safe return. Didn't think to pray for a HEALTHY safe return.

    Did you get sick from the water park???? or the cold Duluth air???

    GET better SOON so I can chit chat with ya!

  3. So glad you had a good time!!! Don't know if you remember but I will be visiting YOUR state this October! (and I can think of a couple of WI bloggers who would love an invite-hint, hint to your annual tea...don't remember when that is)...glad your back!

  4. Glad you had a great time. We love Duluth, too. Paul and I had our honeymoon there. :)
    We also spent our 9th anniversary up there last summer and this July we are takng all of the kids up there. Can't wait!

    It is fun to have getaways with the family, isn't it? Enjoying the kids...that's so true. On vacation there is no computer, no housework, no cooking...just the kids and FUN!

    Hope you feel better fast. I conked out with the stomach flu last week and it is such a struggle to keep things rolling in the family when Mommy is sick!

    Love that first photo you posted of all the kids. Beautiful!

  5. how wonderful that you all got away for a little family time. I was just reading last week that lighthouses are a symbol of the Blessed Mother. !

  6. Love that Mary Hannah!!! *blush* he he he!!!

    Well, I will have to go see Duluth some time. I probably have driven through it or near it the many times I've crossed MN! My family is in Brainard (sp?).

    Great sleeping pics of the kids! HA ha ha! So cute!!

    Hope you're on the mend!

  7. Aw I love Duluth! I went to college at UW-Superior, and worked at the Great Lakes Aquarium for almost 2 years.

    I would love to move back up there, it's so pretty.

    My fiance and I got engaged up there too, so it holds a lot of good memories for us.

    I just love meeting all these MN bloggers! :)


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