Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Final Conversation!

I thought this picture was quite ironic and kind of funny. No disrespect intended, so please don't be offended. If you have not watched the final episode, don't read on!
I was very excited last night to sit down after a long weekend away in Fargo. Some of the kids and I drove to Fargo to spend the weekend for a First Communion/Confirmation, which was wonderful.
I cried through the whole show.
Every time someone would "remember", I'd cry. It was great! I thought, "Yes! This is going to end sooooo good!" It was so fun seeing all the couples getting back together.
Poor Ben here, he was still so lost at the end of Lost. I suppose he was just like the rest of us.
The rest of us who still have a ton of questions.
SO, my biggest question is how long have they been dead?
For me, it seemed like they didn't know how to end it, so they did it this way.
For me, I loved the whole last show, until the very very end. Then I was disappointed.
Were you?
It had to end somehow and I suppose it had to end kind of like they have always ended each show, with some things answered and some things not answered.
I'm sure it will be the same way when we die, some things answered and some things not answered and it won't matter at that point.


  1. The flash sideways seem to me at the end to be a type of purgatory. I've heard Fr. Larry Richard's describe purgatory as a place to learn how to let go of our Earthly ties and when we are finally ready to let go we can enter Heaven. It's from is <a href=">Man of Crete clip.</a> So I took Ben not going in the church, as him not ready. That he still had ties to work out. Things he still need to let go off.

    As for how long have they been dead? For those that died before Jack, that's easy. Charlie, Syiad, Jin and Sun, etc. Those that died AFTER Jack not so easy, Kate, Clarie, Hurley, Ben. It's possible that Hurley and maybe even Ben lived for thousands of years on the island. I'm sure those that got off the island like Kate, Miles, Clarie had more of a "natural" life span.


    Sorry don't know what I'm doing wrong right now, but if you copy and paste URL it will take you to the Man of Crete link. I was hoping to make it a hyperlink so that you could just click on it, but that's not working today.

  3. Jamie, I was afraid of being disappointed in the finale. But I was not ... The only disappointment I felt was because it's over now. I loved all the reunions, too ... As far as how long they've been dead, I think Jack's father said that some had died before Jack and some after. So, obviously some of those folks had already died and some hadn't at the very end. But eventually they all did. I don't know if that's right or if that's too simple (knowing LOST, there's more to it than that, but that's all the philosophizing my brain can handle right now =) As a Catholic, I can't help but think of Purgatory. Had the island been Purgatory? And Ben needed more time there? And the rest slowly made their way to Heaven. I don't know ... But I can't help but think in those terms ...

    Oh, and to answer your question on my blog, I did see the shoe but am not sure what that was about. Perhaps it was from an episode going way back? And the shoe was still there? Not sure ...

  4. No comment on the show. Sounds good though. Might have to watch it someday.

    Glad you had a good time in Fargo with your sista friend! Always nice to be home safe and sound.

    Hope the kiddos are trying out their new pool? and new water slide?

    I will be at the library also. Meet me there with a CHERRY diet coke in hand???

  5. I am now thinking the island was Purgatory but then what is the flash sideways?

    Oh,my head hurts from thinking, I'm with you Sarah, my mind can't think any more on this!

  6. I definitely saw the flash sideways to be purgatory...But THEN I too, thought about it this morning and came up with your same thought that maybe the island was purgatory. Maybe it was a place where they all died and worked out their salvation through the flash sideways and back & forth time travel. Hmmm. I just loved the ending and the fact that a secular television show could reflect eternity and it's mysterious process, ending with heavenly glory!

  7. I think everything in the Flashbacks and on the island really happened. But all the Flash Sideways were the "purgatory" that happened after Jack died (back in the bamboo field where the series began).

    I was hoping that the Flash Sideways where their "real" life as a result of the bomb, so I was disappointed with the end. But at least the Island life really happened and they didn't all die in the Oceanic 815 crash. That would have been a huge disappointment.

  8. I cried through the whole show too! It was wonderful!!

    I also saw the flash sideways as a kind of purgatory. The island was real, because Christian Shepherd said "everything that happened to you was real."

    On Lostpedia there are some other interesting theories. One of them said that the flash sideways was Jack's Near Death Experience after he turned the light back on. I thought that was an interesting theory!

  9. There is a really good conversation about the finale on Melissa Wiley's blog. I just started reading it. It will take awhile. But the theories and questions are great!

  10. I cried at every remembering too. So emotionally invested in these characters, like no other show in my life.

    Still sad that it is over but they did a good job ending it...a bit universalist at the end.

    I mean here all along there's a church involved as a Dharma station and Mr. Eko the priest and Charlie the altar boy and the Blessed Virgin statues and Desmind teh monk and in the end Jack goes to meet Christian Shepherd...get that? usher him into eternal life via that same church and multiple images of the risen Christ and ...the clinker...the stained glass windows has all these images of other religions...judiasm, buddhism, taoism, they don't want to leave anyone out and not be politcally correct...

    I get the "Christian Shepherd" when he said to Jack, you died, these were the most important people in your life, some of them died before you and some AFTER you but you all created this place to be together. It was Jack's ending. Just his eye closing and he didn't die poignant to have the dog there! Just like the beginning. Jack came full circle.

    Made me think of how we'll see those flashes of memories and movies of our life after we die. Jack needed a relationship with his *Father*, CHristian Shepherd more than anyone else, becoming a man of faith along the way. They all are happy in the church and then filled with white light...everyone goes to heaven?

    Rambling, I know. Still processing. Wish there had been more of a Penny and Des moment...

    Jack layed down his life...greater love hath no man more than this....


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