Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Things!

Yes! Christine, we have been slippin' and a slidin'!
The question of the day starts about 9am, "Can we go slip and slide?"

Sweetie Pie is 9 months old!! I cannot believe it. It can't be. She doesn't look 9 months,
can't we just pretend she is, say, only 6 months?
She loves to play with her big sisters in her soon-to-be bedroom.
My garden is starting to look beautiful and I haven't even done anything yet.
I plan to put in my garden this weekend and plant my flowers around the mailbox and in pots, which is why....
to answer everyone's question, no I will not be going to the conference this weekend.
I really do want to hear Margaret speak, really I do. But that's all. I don't want to go and be tempted to spend a bunch of money on a school year I have not given much thought to yet.
(OK, I have been looking in the catalogs a little)
We are just finishing up this year though, this week.
But, but, but.....
I'm a wuss.
I hate being away from my family. I miss the kiddos and my hubby too much.
The last time I went to the conference, we left Friday afternoon and by Saturday around 9am, I was almost in tears missing them.
Don't get me wrong, I need a break just as much as all the mamas out there, but I only need like 5-10 minutes here and there, maybe a Mass or Adoration.
SO, no, I'm not going.
My favorite summer product. These work great for babies and kiddos faces. They don't get into their eyes and they are not greasy or runny. I use the lotion for the rest of their bodies, but for faces and ears, I use these roll on's. Love them. I even remembered to bring them today....
to our much needed break! We went on a picnic to a wonderful park and had a wonderful time!
I opted for the easy Burger Time picnic and thought the $15 was well worth the convenience of it! (Hey! I packed bananas, apples and raisins)
The kiddos went frog lookin' and....

caught a turtle, who they named "Turt". They always have to name what they catch!
I love SUMMER!!!!! I love the warm sun, the beautiful flowers, going to parks every day, slip-n-slides, the smell of cut grass, sweaty necks, rosy cheeks, tan bodies, dirty feet and.....
sweet babes in strollers!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
God bless our fallen soldiers, their families and anyone who has lost a loved one.


  1. You ladies with the bonnets! Where do you get them? Alex had one for her Easter dress, but it was too small then so she wore it for a short time!

    Love the almost summer time! We have a 4 day weekend...can't wait for the boys to be done! :D

    Beautiful pictures! Wish we were closer!

  2. I forgot about slip n' slides and how fun they are...and about Burger Time. My mouth is watering and my gears are turning wondering whether my kids would like the slide after your post! :)

    I was looking forward to possibly seeing you this weekend. Bummer. I'll be there and I'm sure to post afterward. Can't wait! The kids are looking forward to extra time with grandparents and hubby and I are looking forward to our time together checking out curriculum. I'm going to try REALLY hard this year to stay in budget and only get what I'm REALLY gonna use!

    I guess we'll have to arrange for a summertime playdate in order to catch up. How does that sound?

  3. Sarah, sounds great!!!
    Yes, let's get together!

    Therese, yes, we both wish that!

  4. I want you to know that I forgive you, but that I'm going to get you back by talking about you during my speech.

    You think I'm kidding, don't you. ;)

  5. Aw, shucks, Jamie! Who cares about buying books and curriculum - I just wanted to socialize and see you and Sweetie Pie!

    I hope you get tons of yard work done. We are neglecting ours to be able to go!

  6. So sweet to see sweetie-pie in a cute bonnet. She is also in the nice shade of a stroller.

    You guys have the perfect hill for a slip and slide. I imagine the kiddos can spend lots of time this summer having fun.

    We usually add to our slip and slide with a few extra pieces of plastic...even a shower curtain!

    I love how you LOVE your family so much and miss them. Precious. We are together a lot too. Families should be that way.

    I hope you have a good weekend! We will be working on the deck...or Brian will be.

  7. Dear Jamie Jo
    What a great mixture of a post.
    It was great how you choose not to do something becasue it didn't suit you or your family right now.
    Thanks for sharing

    I have an award for you on my blog

  8. I just wanted to let you know, Jamie Jo, that Yes! Margaret DID mention you in her talk at the conference! I'm not kidding.

    So glad you stayed home to get necessary chores done. You had great weather for it!


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