Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Babycakes is 4!

Oh, my sweet Babycakes! Look at those cheekies, you'll always be my Babycakes!
You are my sweet Iris baby, my Iris's are always blooming on your birthday!
It was a piggy-flip flop birthday!
I'll explain later.....
(Margaret, this photo is for you, I listened to your wonderful talks and thought of you while making these cupcakes with my kiddos....I did have one dozen of the 2 dozen for me and my perfectionist ways though...)

Happy birthday my sweet Babycakes and may God bless you abundantly!!!


  1. Happy 4th birthday to your sweet girl! May God shower her with joy and grace all the days of her life.

  2. happy birthday to your little sweetie. love th piggie cupcakes and the flip flops cake ! very creative.

  3. Sweet Babycakes.
    I remember looking over at your mama in church and see her love Our Lord and you were snug as a bug in her tummy. Her hands were lovingly on you.

    YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!

    Happy Blessed Birthday...you are sweet!

  4. Ha! Well, if you listened to my talks (already?!) then you know that my mentioning you was entirely appropriate. That was a big weekend in my life--the Friday of the Payless Saint and the womb blessing the following morning--and you were a big part of it!

    So your missing your kids was not entirely for naught. ;)

    Happy birthday to your sweetie pie! Love the cake.

  5. Happy 4th Birthday! What a cutie! Love the cakes.

    You've already listened to Margaret's talks?! Wow, you are efficient. That part about baking and perfectionism is repeating in my head these days quite a bit. We've got even more in common :)

    Wishing you wonderful, happy summer days with your sweet ones!

  6. darling baby.
    darling cake.
    what a good mama you are!
    and blessed with so much girly-goodness.

  7. Happy Birthday to your 4yo! Love the ripply hair ... it's getting so long.

  8. Happy 4th Birthday, Sweetheart!!!
    I remember when we met at Alex and she was only few months old (and already the same size as Eva!!)
    God bless you, Babycakes, on your special day and everyday!!
    Hope momma can put her feet up soon (more like the weekend! :)


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