Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello Everyone!

I'll start this post with a couple cute baby pictures, because, well, babies are just so cuuuute!
Especially in their cuuuuute summer outfits!
I got my garden in over Memorial weekend....I'm trying this thing called
Square Foot Gardening. Not sold yet....I'll let you know come August, depending on the harvest.
I mis-understood my friend, I thought she said I would not have to water as much, so, I'm thinking less work, I'm up for that this year. But...reading on in my book, I found out they actually need more water than normal gardens...
Planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and peppers.
VBS is over.
We had a wonderful week, filled with daily Mass (except the day the sisters were there), 3 different priests, 6 seminarians and lots and lots of fun!
I was in charge of preschool and was so busy, I didn't get very many pictures!
I really can't show faces anyway without permission, so this is what you get.
We have a family in our homeschool group that lives on an old farm and they welcome over 100 people every year for VBS. Opening their home and land and barns for everyone.
One of the priests was talking about how much he liked our program and how good it is, how our program has meat to it, not like the church's VBS programs that are all fluff.
Now, I don't feel guilty for not sending our kiddos to the church ones.
Speaking of fluff, I had preschool. Just kidding, but it really is all fun for that age! Our theme was St Patrick and the Holy Trinity.
One day was painting, mixing blue and yellow paint.
I'm not going to get too much into it, but the first day is about God the Father, then the 2nd day is about God the Son, and the 3rd day God the Holy Spirit and ending with the Holy Trinity.
Did you know that St Patrick, before he was a Bishop and all, was kidnapped by some pirates and stranded on an island? Well, the pagan pirates told St Patrick to pray to "his God" for food.
He did.
God sent pigs (and honey).
So, that is why Babycakes had a "pig birthday".
She wanted a party and the first day of VBS was her birthday, so what better party than with all your homeschool preschoolers your age, during VBS?
The question to the preschoolers was "Do you think the pigs flew down from Heaven?"
Pigs would not have flown well with Mary Hannah or Ballerina Rosie, but Babycakes, my good natured sweet girl, said "Yeah, I want pigs!"
Later in the week, we did things like walking looking for hidden shamrocks and games with snakes. And lots and lots of "Ring around the Rosie"!
We had great music and such a great group of teens, it was an amazing week.
My Jedi, who is usually quite shy, can't wait til he's 12 and can help out in the skit area.
It's a lot of work and this mama is always pooped afterward, but it is so worth it and always a great way to start our summers!


  1. OH I have missed YOU! So good to have you back!

    Love seeing pics of all you have been up. Especially babies in cute clothes.

    I agree with you the church ones are a waste of time. I helped out last year and it is a goofy program. No meat.

    (can non-homeschoolers come to yours??) just wondering.

    Summer is here!!! Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

    Cool garden by the way. Let me know if the deer get a taste of it!

  2. Going to try this again! Glad you are back!

    Love the pics! The cupcakes are SO cute!

  3. Hello to you, Miss Jamie. Faith always plays "Ring around the rosary." go figure!

  4. Jamie, although the depth of my SFG's may be a factor, I didn't water my SFG's any more than I watered the old-fashioned garden. This year, I had planned to lay out a soaker hose so I (& the kids)don't have to stand around with a sprayer. It still needs to be done, but we've gotten a little bit of rain often enough that I haven't put out the hose, yet.

    Your VBS always looks like fun & you have such great ideas for the crafts.

  5. BTW, your SFG looks great! Awesome carpentry skills...

  6. Nice SFG Jamie! Keep us posted on the progress.

    The VBS looks like so much fun! What a great crowd and how fun that the family opens up their home and land to all of you. It looks like the perfect place for lots of children to run and roam. What a blast those preschoolers must've had with you as their leader :)

  7. I have tried Square foot Gardening with a little bit of success. I just couldn't find all the stuff needed so I reverted back to using good old dirt.

    By the way the Divine Mercy Prayer is a good one also to pray with the Rosary.


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