Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rosary, Crumbs & Cherries!

"A rosary a day keeps the devil away"
"Say one or two daily--more as needed"
"Unlimited Refills"
(someone made these and left a bunch in the back of our Church)

My little crumb-finder is moving quite a bit now, crawling (a little), scooting, rolling, sitting, crawling, scooting, sitting, constantly.
She's a busy, busy girl!

"Mama, you missed one right here, hurry, or I'm going to eat it."

Beautiful cherries are in season now

Babycakes loves them, she doesn't remember them from last year and is constantly asking for them!


  1. I can't believe how much hair Sweetie Pie has! Too cute! Alex is into the same kinds of busy-ness!

    I love cherries, but hate the pits!

  2. Did you notice your post about this rosary craft has been revised and shared on Catholic Icing. Amazing how a post can spread an idea like wildfire! Glad you shared!


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