Monday, June 14, 2010

Some Summer Stuff!

For those who want to know, this is the kit we used, purchased at our local craft store.
Yes, it did make all 5 shirts and each bottle is half full still.
I got it on sale for $9.99
(for that price, I got 2!)
Ok, we decided to do the tees. Or, I decided to do the tees.
Some chose the Sacred Heart of Jesus and some chose the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

I think they all turned out beautiful!!

I've done a lot of tie-dying in the past, both with my kiddos and with daycare children, but this time I got a kit and it was so much easier than the old Rit powders!

Ballerina Rosie and I are reading this series this summer, and loving it!

I laugh through the whole book. Ramona, the main character, not only looks like one of my children, but she kind of acts like one too...

Hmmmmm...I'm not going to say who, but, I love how the author really thinks like a kid and you, as the reader understand Ramona, as a kid would. It's great!

We were given a slush machine as a gift recently. I have to admit, at first, I thought, "what a mess that's going to be!"

But, it is not a mess at all. Well, there is a water mess, but who cares about water?

You just put ice into the machine and it shaves the ice, that's it. I found some sugar free syrup to put on it. It's so easy, we could do them every day!

And the smiles it brings are SO worth it!

We have not had great weather so far this summer, but we hear the nice, warm sunny days are coming the end of this week, and we can't wait!

I hope your summer is going great!


  1. the shirts turned out great! i was just contemplating making these shirts this month. i was looking o ordering some supplies. what kit did you use? how many shirts did it make?
    thanks for your help.

  2. Lena, I added something at the top of this post for you and anyone who wants to know!

    go for it, the package came with great easy to follow instructions, both with pictures and words, for us visual learners!

  3. Awesome!!!

    Do you know about It's a live video feed of Eucharistic adoration. Might be nice for your house and family, which is so... wonderful...

  4. Love the shirts! And the sno-cone maker!!!

    Weather is icky here too! Ready for the good weather coming!

  5. those are SO beautiful, jaimie!
    so colorful.
    love that heart.
    we have been renting the ramona movies from the library. they are totally 80's cheesy but the little ones love them!
    stay cool!
    and i heard about christine's funny story from her today.
    i am so not computer literate-i am surprised i haven't done the same thing!

  6. Great shirts!

    I used to love Ramona! Maybe Lily and I should take up that series? I bet she'd enjoy it too. Too true, your little precious does have some strong resemblence to Ramona. Funny!

    I'm itching for nice weather again too. Would love to see that sun again!

  7. the tie die shirts are beautiful. we just bought the tie die yesterday -- we bought Tulip brand. after watching the "how to" video on Lacy's site, I think i can do it! we'll see whether my girlie wants a Sacred Heart or an Immaculate Heart. that machine looks awesome. we've had so many rainy days -- hoping for sun.

  8. Coolest gift ever, my kids would flip!

    But the real knock-out for me is the Sacred adn Immaculate Heart tie-dye shirts. You are beyond clever!!!!

    I was worried when I tried to log on to Christine...thanks for the I am awaiting the story!

  9. Those shirts are fabulous! Way to Go!

  10. Love, love, love the shirts!! My kids want to make them now. I've always been leary of Tie Die cause of the big messes! Maybe this one is easier?
    Also love my little Ramona. Told you you'd like the books ;) Also, don't forget Henry Huggins set of books. Jedi would like them - Luke did. We read through all of Ramona's series first, then all of Henry Huggin's (except the Clubhouse - gotta find that one still) and then Ellen Tebbits and Otis Spofford. Loved them all as a child and even more reading them out loud to my kids!
    Love you and miss you - we've been out of town!


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