Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tally

Sarah did a "Tuesday Tally" today with her cereal and I thought I'd join in!
We have way too much cereal, I'm like Sarah's husband and stick with what works for me, which is Honey Nut Cheerios and Oatmeal. My family likes many others though....each liking different ones! Behind these are Corn Flakes and another box of Rice Krispies. Every day Ballerina Rosie reminds me that we need to get Grape Nut Flakes, another favorite with all the girls.
We use the Apple Jacks for a snack for fun.
My kiddos also love granola bars and yogurt for breakfast, quick and easy for me!
I admit, I'm not a big breakfast person.
What about you? What do you have for Breakfast?


  1. Yep, looks like us! Michael typically eats 2 bowls for breakfast! My other 2boys? toast and the occasional poptart. Miss Alex? ALL OF THE ABOVE!

  2. After reading "Nourishing Traditions", I let my family eat up the cereal that was in the cabinets and now we are done with boxed cereal. This is the first week without this convenience food. We make muffins or biscuits, and this morning I made some granola. The kids declared it better than the stuff in the box! We are not huge fans of eggs for breakfast, but I do like fruit smoothies.

  3. I have never been a cereal person, so I usually have tea and either peanut butter toast or plain yogurt with fruit and granola.

  4. Thanks for joining in! Hmmm....wonder what I can tally next week? Maybe should make it a regularly thing to drop in a Tuesday Tally of some sort every so often...gotta think on that.

    Suddenly I'm very hungry for cereal...I love it!

    Thanks for sharing your cupboard with us!

  5. Okay, no pictures because I just got back from Vegas and I have to find the camera. We have 26 boxes of cereal, 5 oatmeal and 5 poptarts.

  6. After doing the South Beach diet, we're totally egg people. Eggs with a slice of cheese on top of toast. Now I'm throwing in spinach with my son's scrambled eggs, and I am so surprised at how he just went with the flow. Today I stuck cauliflower in the eggs instead and he was disappointed they weren't green! Whose child is this?? Cereal is a great snack for us.


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