Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Truly, a great picture.
    Long lashes and drool. So sweet.

  2. so very sweet! Just think, if our babes had done this together, we could have chatted! :D

  3. Catching up on you!
    Love the girl's pic from afar picking wildflowers - so serene and sweet! Sweetie Pie is getting SO big and your dear Grandma looks great (like your dad SO much!)

    Total Con. by St. Louis - reminds me of YOU, and the Hansen family and my dear mom. I had your cons. book with your maiden name on it for so long.

    I haven't read the book since my first one either, but this is the time that is so special and we did it at that same time as a family in 1995.

    Miss you!

    Be checking your mail for a package for the bday girl today! ( I hope!)


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