Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 Movies!

Hachi--is for both the grown ups and the kiddos. It is rated G!!
This movie was very touching and made me cry in the end.
If you are a dog lover, I'd suspect you'd cry throughout the whole movie, but you will also laugh and be amazed at the dedication of this dog.
OK, I was scared to watch this one, just because of the previews. My hubby wanted to watch I watched it as I folded laundry, realizing it was not scary. Hey, it's Leonardo!! He wouldn't be in a horror flick, would he?
It has some creepy, suspenseful moments, but it will keep you guessing til the end.
I love those kind of movies.
This one does not disappoint.
The last line is also a guessing one, that you can read into, like me.
"Is it better for a man to live as a bad man or die as a good man?"
Because of that line, I think Leonardo's character wins in the end.
(in a movie sort of way)
Anyone see this one? What did you think?


  1. I thought Shutter Island looked too horror showish, too. So, on your recommendation, I'll probably netflix it. Both hubby and I like suspense. Thanks! Haven't seen the first one you talked about, either.

  2. Never heard of either Jamie Jo but will be watching for both of them. Thanks,

  3. Curt really liked this movie - I told him it looked too scary for me. He insists I'd like it, but I didn't totally believe him! I will have to rent it and watch now! I, like Suzie, love suspense as well.


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