Friday, August 20, 2010

Breakfast and Kabob Questions

2 weeks ago, in an effort on my part to be more organized, I planned out breakfasts and lunches. (I already do try to plan out suppers)
Usually, what we do is whenever everyone is up, I (nag) tell the kiddos to pick something and give them choices, like cereal, granola bars, yogurt, cinnamon toast, oatmeal, frozen know, anything easy.
I planned "Muffin Monday" and
"French Toast Friday". In between, we had biscuits and eggs (any style), pancakes, and one easy anything day. Oh, and eggs and bacon or sausage on Saturdays/Sundays for daddy.
I really liked knowing what we were going to have, and the kiddos liked the variety. I loved eating at the same time, no nagging to "pick something" and well, I just really liked it.
My challenge is I have a baby who gets up several times a night still. (yes, I said several and yes, she's almost one) So, this mama is very tired in the morning and as hard as I try and pray, I just can't get up at 6 or even 7 every day. I sleep and wake and doze off til 8.
(and could still use a nap)
So, breakfast ends up being around 9 or later.
What do you do?
It seems I am always struggling with schedule and order.
(yes, I have the book A Mothers Rule of Life and the MOTH planner)
With school starting in just a little over 2 weeks, I'm filled with "how am I going to do it?"

How the heck do you make kabobs?

I tried the other night and although my hubby liked his steak ones (with hot sauce), the chicken ones for me and the kiddos were awful. Awful. No flavor, in the meat or the veggies, I got out the peanut butter and jelly and said no one had to eat them.
Any advice?

Thank you so very much!


  1. Because the boys go to Catholic school, we will be returning to routine. I feel bad for my hubby who is on vacation next week when we are trying to get back on schedule!

    As for the kabobs-what about marinating them first?

  2. CROCK-POT BREAKFAST. Prep it the night before and it is ready in the morning. Yum.

    I have gotten all my recipes from

    You won't be disappointed.

  3. Oh, marinate the meat for the kabobs for a few hours in the fridge first.

  4. Marinate the meat first.

    I need to get more creative with breakfast, too. Otherwise it's cold cereal or toast. Blah. I find if I have something in the freezer it goes much better. Your French toast looks good. I bet it would freeze well.

  5. Everyone says "marinate" In what?

    Thanks Barbara, I'll try that one next time, I like the idea of grilling the veggies separate, do you marinate the veggies too?

    Thanks Paula, marked that place as a favorite....we're not that big on crockpot meals as they tend to all taste the same, but will try some out!

  6. Kabobs. Use the 30 minute marinade by Lawry's (I use store brand) near the BBQ sauces in the store. I love Sesame Ginger - yum! We just grill chicken thinghs (boneless) separate now with the 30 min marinade and then do veggie kabobs with the same marinade. One of my most favorite meals. Favorite veggies are peppers, red onions, mushrooms, zucchini. Hope this helps.

  7. We only eat twice a day during the summer with a snack at 3pm. We get up late around here. Stay up late to look at stars.

    However, with school starting soon we will need to get up early.

    I like your breakfast idea! everyone said. They make great kabobs.

    as far as how are you going to do it???

    Just do it. Somedays are good. Somedays are bad. One day at a time.

    Give that baby a kiss when you are up at night and prayers for me.

    lub to you

  8. Jamie Jo we like to use turkey kilbosa with green pepper, onion & pineapple chunks. I put a little BBQ sauce on them and put under the broiler until they are bubbling and turn them once and they are very good that way. Have a great weekend.

  9. Yeah, the chicken looks unmarinated. Marinate those and they'll be da bomb.

  10. You can buy premade marinates in teh condiment section of the store or you can go online and gather some recipes. Usually oils, spices, and juices.

  11. Marinate chicken in a store bought easy marinade in a jar -- I like garlic ones for chicken -- and toss your veggies in olive oil and salt and pepper -- delicious!!!

  12. I try to schedule our breakfasts, too. It does make the morning a lot easier! We have muffins, two cereal days, pancakes, eggs, toast and oatmeal days.

    As for the schedule, have an ideal of what you would like to do and aim for that everyday. If your daughter is up a lot, then just shift things a little later and try to get back on track whenever you can. Hopefully things will fall into a pattern soon!

    God Bless.

  13. You can marinate the veggies, or just brush some of the marinade on before you grill. Or even just brush on some Italian salad dressing. Just keep it separate from the chicken marinade.

  14. If you want a lower fat seasoning, I spray Pam on my veggie kabobs and then season them with my favorite seasoning (taco seasoning is nice on veggies too!) I also do my veggie kabobs separate from the meat and leave a little space between veggies...I'll do Kabobs for you and the family when you come down in Sept. :)

  15. A quick easy marinade is soy sauce & lemon juice on the chicken - it's also great on steak. I also like teriyaki (sorry don't have time to check spelling!) and italian dressing.

    As for breakfast, I'm doing something similar in scheduling. I like to schedule an egg bake because I can prep them the night before. I'll set my alarm to stick it in the oven & it'll be ready when I get up (I go back to bed while it's baking). Also, oatmeal packets is an easy & quick breakfast for our family. There are also overnight french toast recipes - the bread soaks in the egg overnight & you bake it in the morning.

  16. I just posted my breakfast, snack, and lunch menus for the school year on my daybook post if you're interested in what we're doing -- I've found the more I have planned, the more smoothly things run (in other words, the less I have to think at the moment, the better!)

  17. We HS too, and I'm glad that in Australia breakfast is really low key. We eat cold cereal or fruit. That's it. Easy, quick, and it makes the 'special' breakfasts for birthdays and such even more special.
    I marinate chicken in olive oil, lemon rind, herbs (rosemary, coriander whatever I have) and sometime honey. The longer marinated the nicer they are.


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