Friday, August 13, 2010


Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline. That's more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.
Signs You're From Minnesota
The weather is usually 80% of your conversation.
When you say "down south" you're referring to Iowa.
Snow tires come standard on your car.
You assume when you say "The Cities" people know where you're talking about.
(anywhere near the Twin Cities, Minneapolis & St Paul & any city within 30 miles of there)
Where most towns have equal number of bars and churches.
People from other states love to hear you say words with "o"s in them.
You have probably gone trick or treating in 3 feet of snow.
You've not only walked across a lake, you've driven across one.
You get mad at people who think Fargo is in Minnesota.

(photos taken in Bemidji, MN)


  1. Jamie Jo I was really amazed by the shoreline quote. The pictures are great and I never knew there was so much water. I do love the mild winters in NC where we usually only get a dusting of snow if that. Thanks for making us aware of beauty up "north".

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  3. I've heard that "down south" thing since most of my husband's family lives "down south". LOL. This was fun!

  4. I'm still laughing!! This cracked me up! So true. We are funny, us Minnesotans. Ya Sure You Betcha!

  5. Ha! We do get a kick out of hearing people from the north say anything that rhymes with out. I don't know why. I wonder sometimes if northern people come down to the lower midwest and wander around, waiting for someone to say warsh instead of wash. (That drives me crazy.)

    I love living here.

    who is that jack kung dude?
    Like I said I love MN and the snow and the cold and the hot (not the storms) and my famil and my friends.

  7. You should include:
    "You know how to pronounce the name of the town 'Bemidji'"
    on that list!
    (it's "BUH-MIDGE-EE" for all of the not-from-around-heres and the move-ins)


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