Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movie Reviews

Now this first movie I need to explain a little more than usual.
I actually really liked the movie, the characters. The characters were believable and well acted and developed.
there's a but.
I actually didn't like this movie for bigger reasons.
It's about an 18 year old boy who dies the night he finally asks a girl, he's loved for several years, out on a date and yes, you guessed it, they have sex. Then he dies. Well, she gets pregnant and shows up at his parents door 3 months later. They never knew her and have to come to terms with all their feelings and emotions knowing she is carrying their dead son's baby.
OK, the reasons I don't like this movie is they had to put in those liberal pro-choice (pro abortion) things. Like, the girl says something like she's only keeping the baby because the father is dead, otherwise she would have "chosen" something different. The boy's mother, played by Susan Sarandon, wanted her to abort the baby.
It's like Hollywood can't just make a pro-life movie. It has to be a chosen thing. The woman chose to keep the baby, otherwise she would have chosen to not keep the baby.
It's a baby, Hollywood, not a choice.
This movie keeps you guessing until I promise you will be disappointed in the end.
I wish we wouldn't have watched it...
Same with this one. This was really good until the end. They did a great job of developing their relationship and most of the movie was about the 2 weeks where they met and got to know eachother, but towards the end (after they slept together) they tried to throw a bunch of stuff in that happened while he was away in service. It didn't fit, and was disappointing.

I hope the book was better.

I saved the best for last.
I thought this was laugh out loud funny.
It was clean and it just seemed like the old fashioned funny kind of movie.
I was pleasantly surprised and would actually buy this one!


  1. Thanks, Jamie. I won't see anything with Susan Sarandon -- every single one of her movies has a message I really don't want to hear.

    I'll check out the last one! :-)

  2. I can't stand Susan Sarandon. I find it amusing that so many "hollywood" types touted the great relationship that Susan and Tiim Robbins had - together for years and never married. Yeah, great. They split up a few months ago. I feel sorry for the kids. Josh Duhamel is pleasant to watch, so I'll rent that one!

  3. Jamie I agree with your recap of these movies. I really hate getting disappointed at the end of a movie. It's hard to find really good ones any more.

  4. I hadn't heard of some of these films. Love anything that is more old fashioned in their approach. And, I appreciate hearing when some movies are just not worth the time to watch.

  5. I've wanted to see When In Rome since it was in theatres. Now I'll definitely just buy it. I liked Josh in "To Win A Date With Tad Hamilton" . . . another cute film. I liked the "protect your carnal nature" bits . . . but it is true: girls should! Boy should as well!

    Thanks for the reviews.

  6. When in Rome and Dear John are both in my Netflix I really want to see them! Susan Sarandon is so annoying. I am so tired of getting messages from Hollywood!

  7. When we were in ND one time we went to a BBQ (which was bunches of fun) I sat with a really nice guy and had a fun conversation with him. I had no clue who he was. Turns out it was Josh D. (My sister informed me later that night. She is amazed at how clueless I am when it comes to Hollywood- but, hey, we've not had Television in our home for 12 years!...come to think of it, She finds that weird too.)
    Anyway, he was a nice North Dakota person and after I found out he was famous, I thought he was even nicer because I would have never known that from the conversation we had. He was very very humble and, well, just nice.
    I've never seen one of his movies or anything he's done, but that was one of my brushes with "fame"
    Ok. Back to work!

  8. i so enjoy AND TRUST your movie reviews, thanks!

  9. God must have drawn me to your blog! The only blogs I ever read were by people I knew. Yours is the first by a stranger and I'm really glad I stopped by. The movie reviews are great. I'm always looking for something I can watch with my elderly mother. Something funny and clean. So now I'm going to check the library for When in Rome. Thanks for your honesty and I'll drop by again soon.


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