Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh, 7 or 8 Things...

Babycakes loves to hold Sweetie Pie, but Sweetie Pie usually does not like Babycakes to hold her.
Usually she cries instantly.
Not today.
"Mama, She's not cryin' at me! Mama, she's not cryin' at me!
Oh, she's hezzy, Mama, she's hezzy!"
(translation: Oh, she's heavy mama!)
After 2-3 weeks of living with our toy room in our entry way, my painting is finally done!

My nice, bright, white toy room!
Now, all we need is some bright art work and curtains!

This always, always melts my heart.
She loves her daddy!
She gets so excited when she sees him!
She just wants me for my milk.
My diamond is back!!!
I look married again!
It's so embarrassing walking into Wal-mart or the grocery store with 5 kiddos and no wedding ring. I felt like everyone was looking and noticing and wondering what my story was.
(I'm sure no one even noticed, but that's the way I felt)
Sweet baby is getting into lots...getting stuck in the laundry basket....
and constantly getting into the cupboards. She loves the bread cupboard, which is in the tupperware cupboard, which is also where we put our aprons. We multi task our cupboards.

This past weekend, we had a wonderful visit with my husband's sister Heidi and her husband Donavan. The kiddos had a blast. Jedi brought homework, but on the way home, he said, "That was so fun, I didn't even need to take out my homework!"

They have 3 cats, and lots of fish and sea creatures in their "Reef tank".
(It's actually Donavan's project)
It was so beautiful and interesting to see.
Ballerina Rosie got to name one of his starfish, "Bill".
(she thought that was funny)


  1. That is such a precious picture of Sweetie Pie and her daddy. Yaaay, you finally got your diamond back!
    I know what you mean when you say that Sweetie Pie gets into everything. My one year old brother Pio gets into absolutely everything and is a walking monster. pio also loves bread.
    God Bless.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header photo. It is stunning!! I love how all of your kids look different from each other (in my opinion, anyway). Makes it all the more beautiful. I think my four look like quadruplets at times (well, I guess two of them are identical!). Maybe the 5th will come out with his own look!
    Great chatting today. :)
    But, do we have to wait 20 years? I will have Aslynn ready in about 10!! :)

  3. I have been thinking of you!...always do. Man I love post like these then I feel like I am apart of your life. Like you invited me into your day and weekend. I really like the pictures.

    I look for rings. Sorry for being that way to all the non ring people but RINGS do say a lot.

    ...but now I should think...maybe the lady lost her stone!!!!

    ps..thanks for my little gift for the corn and do not take it personally about the baby because My baby loves me only for my milk...just sorta can tell.

  4. Then I go away and think of more things to say!!

    Great job on the bright white room! So clean. lots of WORK!

    Fun to see baby into everything.

    and I have a funny story from today. I went to pick up Colette and she said the whole room was quiet and she sneezed...the kind of sneeze you hold in. Except she didn't hold it in at the other end. I laughed and laughed with her. toot toot!

    Would love to have fish...but that is just one more thing to worry about.

    The relatives have any kids?

  5. Wonderful job on the room. Looks so bright and inviting. Loved the pictures today, so much love. You do have a beautiful ring too.

  6. Nice fish/reef tank. I love clown fish! Great pictures!

  7. Glad to see what's going on in your day, Jamie. Love seeing pics of the kids!

  8. I love all those pictures! How I wish God had placed us closer so our babes could grow together! (They may have to be pen pals when they are older!) Hug that baby for me!

  9. Love all the updates!! The room looks great- is the piano on the other wall now?
    Gotta try that apple painting - I might use the primary colors and put one on the other to make the secondary colors?
    Eva wants to make the "hand tree" today while the big kids are at piano before our 4H meeting. You have the cutest ideas always!
    Love the bike riding - been rainy and cold here so we'll live through your pics :)
    Sweetie Pie is truly blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family!!

  10. Hi Jamie! It's so great to read your blog and see all the updates and things your thankful for and good movie reviews that I am going to have to get from Red Box. I have to say when I saw you comment about not wearing your wedding ring, I felt the same way when I wasn't wearing mine for MANY months because it needed to be resized after losing baby weight. Now I am able to wear it again and it feels so good :)


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