Friday, September 10, 2010

Orange You Glad?

Orange you glad we finally talked Jedi into burning his Lego boxes?
Big deal you say?
Oh, yes, it was a big deal.
He had his room lined with these boxes and every box of Lego's he's ever gotten.
In our room changing around thing we did last week, we finally helped him realize his
boxes are not worth anything and it would be better to have a burning party with his buddy and get rid of them!

Orange you glad my school room is done?
Well, I am.
Yes, I painted it white.
It's bright and I love it.
I'm sorry to interrupt you Ballerina Rosie, I see you are working so hard here, but I must show the whole room!
We changed the arrangement of the furniture and it is so much better this way!
Orange you glad little Sweetie Pie is sleeping through the night
in her own bed!
We had to rearrange the bedrooms to fit her in with her sisters.
All four girls in this room now.
It's a very pink room.
Oh, and that cry thing,
She only cried the first night for 20 minutes...maybe a half hour around 2:30am
The other girls, however also cried,
wanting me to get her out and they were all so sad to let her cry.
I had to rock them and hold them and explain how I did the same thing with them.
I truly think she has done so well because of all the girls' prayers to their angels and saints to
help her to sleep.
I sure wish they would help her take a nap...
Orange you glad I made this super cute barn cake for Mary Hannah?
This has to be one of the cutest cakes I've ever made.
(I've made dragons, dinosaurs, flowers, cats....oh, lots)
Orange you glad the first week of school is DONE?
(well, after today it will be)
And, I am glad it's done!
"Orange you glad?" Shakes for the first day or week of school, or well, for anything
you are glad about!
Orange sherbet and orange pop
Easy and fun.
What are you glad about?
(besides the fact that this long post is done?)


  1. Was a short week but a hectic one so I am sooooooo glad today is friday and I will be able to spend time with my puppy this weekend. You did an awesome job on the cake girl. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. LUV seeing the girls room...luv the school room....luv the drink recipe...the cake, the bonfire.
    Fun post.

    You're so cool Jamie Jo!

  3. ORANGE ya glad I tease you about ORANGE...hee hee.

    I love to goof around with you. You are one cool mama.

    fun post to see ...lub the pics!! They tell a lot. Lots of work to post pics but it is fun to see what you are up too!

    Little baby in her crib...precious!

    I am happy it is the weekend too!

    orange you???

  4. I am very glad you posted this!What wonderful things!

    I especially love the schoolroom,the very pink, girly room and the cake! Wow.

    Interesting to see read the name of your school and see the image of Mary. One of my favorites!!! We still haven't settled on a name for our little school, but I always go back to this one since I love the image :)

    Happy Weekend! Maybe I need hubby to pick up the items at the store for us to enjoy the orange shakes this weekend. Yummy!

  5. Love the school room! Cute cake. Have a wonderful weekend. God Bless.

  6. Luke was sad to see the Legos in the bonfire! He finally gave in to me doing the same a few months ago.
    Absolutely LOVE the new schoolroom!! It flows SO well and looks great!
    So very thankful that Sweetie Pie is sleeping in her crib in the girls' room. Everyone will be a little happier being well rested! (well, most nights anyways! :)
    Prayers for more good school weeks ahead!

  7. The rooms, cakes and shakes are all lookin' good! And while I'm big on recycling, what fun is that if you can set it on fire!!!!

    Here's praying that week 2 goes better than week 1. We already have homework.

  8. You have been VERY productive in your old age! Love that dessert idea - not many points there : )

    A Very Happy Birthday to you both!

  9. What can I say? My hat is off to you: you are an awesome momma!!!

  10. Love the school room - it so nice and bright, nice big window and I love the tables! Have fun and God Bless. Our school starts tomorrow!

  11. Hello, I just found your blog! I am also Catholic, homeschool, but have 5 boys and 1 girl! I have 2 questions for you, if you don't mind...

    What part of the house is your school room?

    Do you have 2 girls share a double bed?

    We have a three bedroom split-level and ended up using part of the downstairs "family" room for a bedroom for the oldest boys, but I am not entirely happy with it. My family ages are 1, 2 girl, 6, 8, 10, and 12. I had wanted to put the oldest 4 together, but was voted down. How are your girls getting along?

    Please pray for us, Hail Mary for you as well.

  12. Hello Peace and Quiet! (I need some of that!)

    Our home is a 2 story and the 2 front rooms are our school room and play room. They were originally meant to be a formal dining and a formal sitting room...but with 5 kiddos, nothing is formal here.

    When we looked for a home, I thought it would be perfect and everything would be on the main floor.

    Girls....we are working out the kinks. The oldest girl is 8 and we did have to buy her a file cabinet, because it locks, and she could put her things in it for safe keeping from her sisters. The bunk girl can put her stuff up there and it's semi-safe.

    Yes, 2 girls share the double bed, the 2 most compatable, (8 and 4 year old) My 4 year old needs someone's hair to play with to go to sleep and my 8 year old lets her do it. :)

    Bedtime is crazy here in the house, girls take a long long time to get to sleep. --And usually ends with a threat to send someone to the basement with the spiders. My son, on the other hand, just goes to bed, just like that.

    Do your boys?

    I said a couple Hail Mary's for you too!!

    nice to "meet" you!

  13. Thanks so much for the reply! It is the opposite at our house, the girl goes to bed no problem while the boys want to stay up horse playing or whatever.

    That is funny about the spiders, our downstairs has a few of those, and the boys aren't too happy about that, seeing that it is in their room.

    Girls are so different! She does not like spiders, monsters, etc. like the boys do. She will play with purple hot wheel cars though.

    We have one Ikea cabinet, about 20 x 20 for each boy that has a lock that my dh put on, so they can have a few items that don't get "borrowed," lol.

    Take care and have a great school year! (Interesting with a one-year-old)


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