Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for oh, so much.....
Remnants of Summer.....a yellow leaf in the sand where the kiddos play all summer....
Last week I went blog hopping.

You know where you look up a new commenter and go from her blog to another blog, to another and another and all of a sudden go..."How did I get here, I'll never remember how to get back!"

Anyway, I saw somewhere something like 1,000 things to be grateful for and people linking up to join in and posting a handful every week.

It reminded me of a couple years ago, where we did this "Thankful Thursdays" thing.
Will you join me for this "Thankful Thursdays" on, well, Thursdays?
Just pick some random things and some maybe not so random things and be thankful for them?
Oh, and blog about it if you have a blog?
Comment about it if you don't have a blog but want to join in?

I'm thankful for the bursts of beautiful Black Eyed Susans still around and still beautiful....
Thankful for the beautiful changing trees, and the ones that have not changed yet,
The beautiful blue skies we've had this week and warm breezes....
That remind of God's Greatness and Beauty.

For kiddos who still love to bike to the park.
For a 4 year old who tries her hardest to keep up with her sisters,
and bright rosy cheeks when we get home from working so hard!
For kiddos who fight over who gets to go down the slide with the baby!
For a beautiful baby who is blessed to be fought over.
For silly boys who just can't put away their flip flops and shorts, and who will only pose silly poses!
For 4 year old girls who dig in the sand with their fingers and are not afraid to get dirty.
(and are always full of kisses)
For the wisdom of a 6 year old, who, this morning said, "I like winter, but it just lasts toooo long."
And lastly, thankful that this Red Snow Cone Juice came out of Sweetie Pie's socks, and outfit.
(I didn't think she could get the lid open and let her play in that cupboard...oops! Thank goodness it was sugar free and she had her nukie in...otherwise she would have been drinking it!)
OK, thankful for a couple more things,
For those "dirty baby straight to the tub" moments.
Thankful for my cousin and her beautiful new baby girl, Samantha Ann, missing her at the hospital, only to see her at Wal-Mart shopping!!!
Thankful we are almost done with week 3 of school and it's getting better.
SO thankful for a husband who wants more babies.


  1. I LOVE the last line. You are blessed Jamie to have a husband who loves babies. BLESSED!!

    Look at those kids biking. Soon that green green grass will be covered with snow.

    Look at that baby wearing a coat and the big boy in shorts!

    Look at that baby getting into stuff. She is a busy one.

    I like your post today. I am so glad school is going better. Changes with schedules are hard on everybody.

    Cloudy and raining again. Hope your indoor thurs. goes well.

  2. OK Jamie Jo, I'll do my part & put one on my blog since we do have so much to be thankful for. I am healthy while so many around me are sick, the days are so beautiful here in NC. The colors are starting to change. I have a wife that loves me and three great daughters, 1 grandaughter & 2 grandsons. Thanks for reminding us to be vocal about our thankfulness.

  3. How awesome! I love the pictures! I'll be back when I join up with mine!

    The last line is my favorite too!

  4. Here is mine:

  5. Love it! I (unintentionally) posted something similar today. :) I may intentionally do this in the future!

    And I went bloghopping yesterday! I so rarely do it, it was an indulgence (read: I should have been doing other things) but I enjoyed it.

  6. Thank you Jamie Jo for the wonderful comment. St. Pio is one of my favorite saints also. The pudding was delicious!!! Have a great day. God Bless.

  7. Hi Jamie Jo, it's friday evening and just checking in to say I have at least two that follow my blog that have agreed to do the thankful thursday on their blogs. It's catching on girl.


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