Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!

Happy Birthday to sweet Sophia!
Born on this special day, God bless you honey!
(my good friend Sarah's daughter...more pictures to come later)
This summer I was tagged for a "favorite devotions meme" where you list 5 favorite Catholic devotions. I was tagged several times and just never did it. I couldn't decide which were my favorite. We, as Catholics, have so many wonderful devotions, that I just couldn't narrow it down to just 5.
The rosary would be in that top 5 though.
Praying the rosary, my fingers moving from bead to bead, as I meditate and think about the life of Christ. As I think about the lives of everyone I'm praying for. As I humbly pray for myself and the graces I need to do God's will.
There is a list of the promises here
There is a ton of ideas for ways to teach the rosary here (including some of my ideas)
For an explanation of how this feast day started, read here
I wrote about this favorite prayer here
We plan to pray a candy rosary today and continue to enjoy God's beautiful weather He's providing us this fall!
I am thankful for this great feast day and our rich Catholic faith that has so many feast days and beautiful devotions that can only lead us to be closer to Christ.
(I truly believe that all true devotions must lead a person to Christ in order for it to be true)
More "thankful's" later.....


  1. Thanks for linking to me, friend. May Our Lady intercede, guide and comfort you always!

  2. Sophia is sitting right here on my lap and squealed when she saw the picture of herself! Thank you for posting our sweetie on this great Feast Day and her 2nd birthday!

    She is the one who will find and put rosary after rosary around her neck daily - finally dawned on me it's connection with the Feast Day :)

    We had SUCH a wonderful (way too short!) day with you all on Tuesday as we enjoyed the fantastic Fall weather God has blessed us with. Love you and miss you!

  3. I love you as a friend because of your deep faith. I can still remember you pregnant with sweetiepie, walking..or hobbling with crutches, on your way to see the dr. for the zillionth time and in your hand was your rosary.

    You are such a great witness.

  4. ps...ditto on the weather we are having. high 70's tomorrow..yippee!

  5. Thanks for the links & the wonderful post today Jamie Jo and a big Happy Birthday to miss Sophia from NC.

  6. The rosary helps us to be a child again!

    Happy Birthday to Sophia!

  7., post, blog and devotion.
    Our Lady of the Rosary, ora por nobis.
    Pax Christi - Lena


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