Monday, October 11, 2010


My husband and I have been watching Fringe. (via Netflix) They are currently on their 3rd season, so we'll see that one next year when it's released on DVD.
It's a Science fiction type show, with lots of weird stuff. It's kind of like a modern X Files.
Only much better.
We've never watched X Files until recently when my husband started getting it.
I find them a little creepy and just can't watch them, they seem so old compared to Fringe.
Fringe has just enough humor to make it not creepy.
I do like the charactors too.
But it is Science fiction so, there is some creepy.


  1. Christine--I don't think you'd like this show. :)

  2. I am a Scifi nut for sure and have been watching Star Trek since it began and looked like a cartoon. I have not seen Fringe but will look for it. Always ready for a new scifi to get into.

  3. I have been watching Fringe and like it. I am a bit behind because I am borrowing them from sister(who is a Sci-fi nut) but it is much better than the few episodes of the X-files I have seen. And I love the dad~ he's my favorite:)

  4. I was enjoying it until (1st season) Walter verbally attacked a priest about so called atrocities of the church and I just couldn't bring myself to watch again. I think I'm just fed up with Hollywood tearing down the Catholic Church.


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