Friday, October 29, 2010

Movies Anyone?

First up: Robinhood!!
This was great, no, it was excellent!! I'd put it up there with Braveheart and The Gladiator.
At first I thought Cate Blanchett was too old to play the part of Marion, but it turned out great, she played a strong, yet feminine woman.
Russell Crowe, what more is there to say? He was great as usual.
I'll have to add this to my profile as one of my favorites.
(not a movie for the kiddos though)
I had never heard of this one. My husband ordered it from Netflix.
I think it is new though. It is a Christian movie but not for kids at all.
Very adult content, showing drug and alcohol use and suicidal tendencies.
This movie, I thought, showed both sides really good though. Showing the more liberal side and what people with those views thoughts would be, and showing the more conservative side and what their thoughts would be on matters of faith and even abortion.
This movie ended up covering a lot of angles, faith, suicide, how we treat others, and life issues.
I think the life saved is actually several different lives in different ways.
The movie was very well made, and didn't seem like a low-budget film, as many Christian movies tend to be, like Fireproof.
(although Fireproof was a good movie, come on folks, it was pretty low budget)
I give this one a thumbs up.
For it's message and the way it was made.


  1. Thanks Jamie, will have to give them a try.

  2. I want to see them both to netflix...:)


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