Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Another reason or two we homeschool:

Some of the teachers in schools just aren't that smart.
My son knows a "school boy" who is in his cub scout den and he told everyone last night that
when he gave his teacher the scout's salute, his teacher told him not to do that, it was a Hitler sign.

Uh.....hmmmm.....I hope this was not his History teacher.
Out of 10 boys, 2 of them are homeschooled in my son's den.
Out of 10 boys, they are the only 2 with jobs other than "empty the dishwasher" and "get a milk out of the fridge" I guess the other boys couldn't believe that our homeschooled boys had to do so much work.
Our boys have jobs. Real jobs. Daily jobs. Weekly jobs. Cleaning the bathroom, clearing the table, doing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, emptying the garbage, making their beds, cleaning their rooms! (not all at once)
What are people afraid of? Are they afraid if they make their child work, they won't like them anymore? Do they feel sorry for their kiddos? How did they, as parents learn to do jobs? By giving our children jobs, we are teaching them to be responsible adults, not lazy adults.
Kiddos are so capable of learning and being responsible and helping out. It gives them a sense of pride.


  1. Yes Jamie Jo and when they grow up and get married they will know what it take to keep a home in order. Too many kids think all they should do is text, sleep or watch TV. Your kids will be so much more prepared for life. Good job.

  2. And it gives them self-worth - that they are needed by their family to do their part to pitch in and keep things in order... that every member in the family is just as important as every other member in keeping the family 'on track.'

  3. Life skills, baby!

    Yes, work is especially good for boys. Work builds character. And being able to do things, safely,m build self-esteem.

    Many books on this topic...

    Do Hard Things
    Created For Work
    Boys to Men
    Boyhood and Beyond
    Future Men

  4. Oh, and Life Skills is a book, too.


  5. Kids needs jobs. Mamas need helpers.

    Especially in bigger families!

    Any job can be fun if you turn the tunes up really really high and just get down clean like a machine.

  6. Our kids have jobs (I refer to chores as life skills, too!). They even have morning chores that need to be done before school starts at 7:40am. Their dad might do the outside chores in the morning when the weather gets super cold, but we've been blessed with gorgeous fall weather. Up and at'em kids!!!

  7. I've seen the village, and I don't want them raising my kids!

    My son at 6 has just started accepting responsibilities around the house. I think it's a lot harder if you wait til they're older. When I try to walk in your footsteps, sometimes I feel like I have to run and catch up! But I'm getting there!

    PS- My son loves your son's old clothes. You should have seen him open his pj drawer and closet yesterday! Thanks a million!


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