Friday, October 29, 2010


Our city recently opened a Super Wal-Mart. (finally) I think we were the last city in the U.S. to get a Super one. We had a little one that was very, very over populated. We, also, within the same month opened a brand new Sam's Club (a much bigger and brighter one) in the same area. (in the outskirts of town, near 2 highways, therefore drawing from many new towns).

The problem with it is, they miscalculated the number of people or miscalculated the amount of goods to stock, because they are out of several items each time we go. I usually shop every 2 weeks, (payday) starting on Friday, with Sam's Club and then Wal-Mart for, well, you know Wal-Mart stuff and then the groceries last. So, this is actually 3 stores. It's a big job. Wal-Mart always ends up being at least 3 hours, counting drive time (we now are further away from the new store). I can do Sam's Club in an hour and a half tops (counting drive time). But there still is the planning, and the putting away, right?

I decided to try to get groceries during the week, on an evening after Tae Kwon Do and supper, so I left yesterday around 8pm. My goal was to try to miss the weekend rush, simplify my weekends, and hopefully the shelves would be stocked better. Well, I did miss the rush, the store was practically empty (compared to the zoo it usually is) but they were still out of Orville Redenbacher Popcorn, my husband's favorite (he has popcorn every night). They are always out of that. And they were out of Wild rice and my Chicken soup base I use. Oh, and their fresh fruit was out. Yes, out.

I left only with Sweetie Pie. She is an absolute angel to take to stores, she is always good and well, it's just fun to take one child.

But, it was cold last night. Freezing cold. It was around 10:25 when we got home, and I still had to unload. She had fallen asleep without nursing and all bundled up in her winter coat and hat.

It just didn't feel like the thing I want to do every 2 weeks. Especially with Winter fast approaching us in MN. (but who likes to shop in the winter in MN anytime?)

Yet the marathon shopping weekend every 2 weeks is exhausting too.

I remember shopping with my mom when I was a kid. I hated it. Totally hated it. She'd push 2 carts, (which meant we had to push one) and they would be overflowing and piled high. It was sooooo embarrassing as a kid. I don't make my kids pull an extra cart because of that. But our cart is overflowing and piled high.

I do like those new kid carts the Super Wal-Mart and Sam's Club have though, they actually fit all 4 of my girls!!

My question is What do you do? When do you shop for your family? Are you as exhausted as me when you are all done? What's the best solution? I guess we all have our routines and whatever works, well, just works. Or it doesn't work.


  1. You had to ask. ;)
    Don't get me started. ;)

    Okay, I loathe grocery shopping even when the weather is perfect, the kids are angels, the stars are aligned, I get the best parking spot (not necessarily the E9 spot), and I have the money . . .

    . . . each and every time I do the "big haul" (every two weeks, on payday) I always forget something or the store doesn't have specifically what I need. I try to meal plan, but it doesn't always work out . . . so . . . my new tactic is to get all the dry goods and cleaning supplies and pantry things . . . and about two days of dinners that involve fresh ingredients.

    I return every few days to buy more fresh ingredients (so meals are more organic than always cutting into a box etc.) and milk and bread (seem to run through that fast).

    Shopping is annoying. It just is.

  2. I use the click-n-pull at Sam's. I order everything I possibly can online, and when I go to pick it up I grab the few things not ordered. I'm in there less than 10 minutes. And I go to the same Sam's you use! I'm hitting the Super store tomorrow - we'll be in town all day as my daughter is attending KidSing at the college.

  3. We do like to get our paper towels and toilet tissue at Sams and bottled water before we got a filter on our faucet. We really dislike going to Walmart because of the number of people in the store and the limited number of registers open. Usually we shop at the NC chain Food Lion. Much for friendly and the prices are not much different.

  4. Ugh! I only go once a month. If we need anything (milk,etc) in between, DH goes. I absolutely HATE going shopping - and, I hate to tell you they don't under-estimate, they just don't care. They get 5 cases of XYZ whether they need it or not.....It is maddening. I have complained to corporate several times. ARGH!

    OK. I am done now.....LOL!


  5. My shopping routine is constantly changing. I hate to shop on Saturdays, but that is double coupon day. We don't have a Super Walmart near us, but we are rumored to get one soon. I did a last minute Sam's run yesterday. I was out in 40 minutes with an overfilled cart! I do Sam's only once a month. I have done click n pull as well and it is fabulous!

  6. I hate shopping too.
    I go every Monday. I plan our menu for the week and only buy the stuff I need. I am trying to keep my weekly buying spree under $100.00 It is a challenge.

    When the kids were little we always went together after Mass on Sundays.

    We never ever ever use a precious weekend to go into town for shopping. ever.

    That is a funny memory you have of your mother.

    I acutally cannot remember ever shopping with mine. ever. weird huh.

  7. I'm blessed. I make out the list (big list every two weeks, little list every other week) and my husband shops Monday night with all the kids. We only do Costco once a month. We're close to the store and my husband sometimes sends the older kids in pairs ahead of him to get what we need. It takes about an hour. It's making out the lists that takes the most time! I now have a printed list of all my regular foods in the order I find them in the store. I just cross it off the list if I don't need it that week. Easier.

  8. My mom always had our shopping cart overflowing (and everyone was always staring at us), and we would be in the store for hours. It was pure torture.

  9. My kiddos are 11, 9 and 3. I am 8 and a half months pregnant and find groceries especially exhausting at the moment. My solution is to have a very detailed list and then I divide it into 3. My big kids take a trolley and their part of the list and we all meet at the front of the store when done. It seems to be working. We are quick which makes us all happy. Our store isn't huge. I do fresh veg and fruit plus meats and deli so I can choose, and my boys get the chance to compare prices on pantry type goods. My 3yo stays with me :-)

  10. My husband signed me up for CobornsDelivers. I used to enjoy going out to shop, but with the volume of a large family, it's bee working for me.

  11. I do not mind shopping. It is harder now that we live farther from Fargo, but I still try to do the majority of our shopping in Fargo because it's more efficient and cost-effective.

    Sam's is now a once a month trip. I do not take all the kids with when I go, but I always plan for the shopping, in store, to take at least one hour. I would NEVER plan to go on Saturday in Fgo because that is the busiest day.

    Grocery shopping depends on our schedule. If I'm headed to Fargo and have time for Cashwise, I will shop there. However, I wait until I have a sizeable list. Otherwise, I pay more for items at our local grocery store. That's just the way it is.

    So, I'm not consistent in my shopping days or times - anymore! While I do not like it, we do shop at the local grocery store on Sunday because we are in town and it saves a trip. I generally do not shop on Saturday.

  12. Grocery shopping - have to chine in here because I loathe it more and more. I used to go on Friday nights or early Saturday mornings when stores are not crowded. These days I have Joe stop by Costco on his way home from work Fridays. I also order from an organic food buying club and that is delivered to my house (love that). The rest of what I need I try to fit in here and there - during ballet class or Saturday. I hardly ever take kids anymore - maybe the baby and one helper. More than one child and they are way too goofy to be in public. I am trying to appreciate the weather the way it is now because soon we will be freezing and pushing shopping carts through dirty slush!


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