Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (kind of, I think, Well, Ok it's not)

I guess it's not really "Wordless Wednesday" when you've already posted 2 other posts and talked, right?
Well, just a reminder to play in the leaves before it's too late!!
I can't resist kicking leaves piled up alongside the curb, the kiddos love kicking them as much as I do!! I'll have to get some pictures of that next time!


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say "hi". I saw a comment of yours on Allison's blog, a broken fortress, and was struck by your name. When I was a little, little girl, my older sister, Annarose, to make me laugh, would get in my face and say, "I'm Jaime Jo! Everything is all right!" I loved it :-)

    You have BEAUTIFUL children!

  2. Won't be long before we will have plenty of leaves here in NC.

  3. We've had lots of leaf fun around here! Love all the pictures from today!

    We head north on Friday!

  4. Leaves would just be a big pain in the butt if we didnt have kiddos.

    Now they are fun fun fun.

  5. I do like seeing all your pics. Makes me feel like I am in your life.

    hey crazy busy mama lets do tea sometime!!!

    ...or you could come hold ava so I can varnish??? just kidding.

  6. That's a great picture! Some year, we'll have leaves.


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